Lock Hayley Variation (2d Antwerp Regionals)

M0H4WK 129

Praise the Sun! Praise Queen Hayley!

So this is the new shaper bullshit they call 'Hayley Lock'. The idea is to lock the remote with Clot and insure you get in with Faust. After remote lock, agenda's store up in HQ, that's the time you Legwork them.

This is certainly NOT my idea, but i made some changes to the standard deck to fit my playstyle.

I threw out the Diesel because you always mull for Laguna Velasco District. Once you have it, you don't need the diesels. If you don't have Laguna in your opening hand, then you must have other cards in your hand. Astrolabe draws you, Beth Kilrain-Chang helps you draw and Symmetrical Visage helps you set up when you draw for Laguna.

I changed the Ubax for Astrolabe because i expected alot of Moons. It also helps that it is only 1 to install. Most of the time I install the first, and pawn it (with Aesop's Pawnshop) when i see the second in hand.

Some versions play two Levy AR Lab Access, i play three because i expected some Jinteki. Also Ark Lockdown is a thing.

I expected there'd be some Sync/NBN so i threw in a New Angeles City Hall. It might go up to 2 if it becomes popular.

2 Film Critic is absoluty a must, if you don't need it just Pawn it.

Symmetrical Visage makes your Laguna draw more efficient.

The elephant in the room is the include of Inti. It helps you against #Wraparound. But it might be of use against the Barriers in Weyland. In testing i used the Dean Lister to pump the inti so that i could break an oversight ai'd Chiyashi against a Blue Sun deck. It can also be pawned for a profit and it helps to trigger the hayley-abilty if you don't have nothing left in your deck.


R1: BYE (lucky)

R2: Skorpios (Win) I camped the remote and tried to DDM when i could, but i didn't saw much. A very lucky Legwork gave me the win when most of my best cards where RFG'ed.

R3: Sync (win) This is a good matchup. Clotlock and good snipes. I was very lucky to find money, Clot and NACH very early.

R4: ID At this rate, me and my opponent decided to ID. We were top of the league by then and had a long deck ahead of us.

R5: ID (play casually, win against Moons) Next we decided to ID again. Though we still decided to play just casually. Couldn't find the clot at first, i didn't contest his first moons. He got ahead but slowly i found my pieces. Legwork gave me the win altough, truth be told, my opponent should have won. He had a massive server unrezzed and lotso money but kept an agenda in hand. I guess he didn't saw the legwork coming. I made mistakes and should have lost but thats netrunner for yah.

Top cut match 1: CI (win) I found an early laguna, some money. soon he was clotlocked with triple saccon. He keeps drawing up, i tried to find DDM or legwork but didn't find it. Opponent has one shot to combo out, but didn't found the card he needed and decked out.

Top cut match 3: CI (lose) I didn't have Laguna early, and made the mistake to run an open r&d too much. I didn't knew my opponent's deck since he was decked last turn, but i didn't saw anything. Turns out it was a variation of killer pinguings. He scored out and killed me! That was the only loss for Queen hayley. Too bad it was in the Grand Finals, but yeah. That happens.

Overall i'm pretty happy with the deck, but i realize i was extremely lucky that day. Turns out a bye + sweep get's you pretty far.

Anyhow, shout out to the organizer for organizing an great event. It was an experience i will never forget. I was glad to play netrunner and see all those familiar people again.

PS: when in doubt, always choose Hayley....