Capital One: Credit denial trick

Dead Drop 147

The idea of using Faust as the main breaker is to apply pressure quickly, triggering Los ability ASAP, and also try the new interaction between Bug Out Bag and Fall Guy. This last card being a connection had led me to favor Off-Campus Apartment as my main draw engine.

Thanks to the many connections able to improve the ability of Los, it was not very difficult to launch the invitation! Compromised Employee, Keros and Maxwell, all quickly accepted the invitation. And lets not forget Dean who sold his soul to the devil, poor guy.

Finally, since we have link and recuring money for trace we might as well include an easy mean to remove tags.

The rest is pretty much auto-include in a Los deck. Have fun!

28 Jun 2017 PureFlight

Really like the include of OCA here. How has the Bob worked out for you? And do you like The Turning Wheel in here?

28 Jun 2017 Dead Drop

Hi there, thank for your comment. You may find this unexciting but I have not yet tried this deck :) Where I live there is not much player and I don't like the feeling of playing online. So I made this deck in my head, testing it with the auto-draw feature, and that's about it. Personnaly, I would prefere a better multi-access tool than The Turning Wheel, but I could not find the influence for a medium. And Bug Out Bag appear to me as a safety valve, in case you have to make multiple important runs. Whereas the majority of the credits is used to derez ices and not breaking them , I thought that the extra credits could be used as a way to fuel Faust. But that is all hypothetical! Cheers!

29 Jun 2017 lilelia

I played against a deck earlier on Jinteki that looked like this deck. It was fairly poor throughout and struggled to get in anywhere (admittedly it lost faust early to swordsman but even before that it didn't have the draw to get in consistently). I think it could do with a bit more econ.

29 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

I suspect you could play the remote protect game skipping multi-access entirely by using The Source and protecting it with the Fall Guy and Film Critic when you don't need BOB. Given that it's a backup breaker, do you really need Corroder over Demara? I'd also like to point out that you can get a maximum of 1 link with Maxwell James. I'd remove the whole Compromised Employee/Citadel Sanctuary package and just run more money, but that's my opinion. Hostage and Hernando Cortez also seem like obvious includes somewhere.

30 Jun 2017 Stoned44

RubbishyUsername colud u type add/sub cards. Compromised Employee , Fall Guy , Emergency Shutdown soon will rotate, any replacement . #Brochafoin I like yours concept