Adopted Spagfusion

5N00P1 559

The Deck

This deck is based on Spagsfusion with some minor adoptions. Didn't like the 3 Fairchild 3.0 and it was not enough economy from my point of view.
Run 3x Global Food Initiative as many Runners bring Film Critic so they steel it anyway but I was only playing Anarch & Crim. And I decided for 3 Corporate Sales Team as it is additional econ and I had the feeling I'm lacking economy with this ICE suit and need it also for Caprice Nisei.
I had 2 influence left and included a Data Raven, actually I think it's a mistake as the runner will just bounce without a punishment.
Based on the number of Anarchs I met, I would have loved 1 or 2 more Macrophage.....
The main issue with Anarch are, you want to have a strong ICE on the outermost position which makes it easier to kill it with Parasite + Datasucker.

The Plan

Rush out the first Agenda early. Runners are afraid you might have DNA Tracker or Chiyashi to punish them. So it's important to ICE your centrals early and to have the econ to punish them. It will slow them down and on top it will prevent run based economy. Afterwards you want a scoring server, ideally Excalibur + another ICE, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as they don't play Employeestrike. If they do, Chimera is ideal early on. You rez Excalibur afterwards you use your ability and you are done, you can score your Agenda. I think no one was running on my scoring remote early based on this and their fear.
Chimera is ideal as it means you can use this server later again by using your ability. Sometimes you can score twice until they realize it as they are not used to it.
This also enables Subliminal Messaging as they are running not often so this is a staple.

The Tournament

4 rounds of Swiss. First one against Geist, won which is ok as he can't break Excalibur. Second one against Noise, that was a though one but he ran into some DNA Trackers.... timed tie (the moon matchup took >45 min), not sure if I could have won. Third against Andy with The black file, won. 4th against Whiz with Sifr!!! lost this due to lack of econ & ICE and should have played smarter.

What to change

  • Remove Data Raven!!!
  • It's an idea to include Bryan Stinson, the runs are costly otherwise you get your Subliminal Messaging and often I had runners with low credit amounts.