Dog Jank (Plascrete Chef)

Cuacuani 75

The Runner deck I played in our Plascrete Chef tournament. I even won a game with it against a Builder of Nations deck. My Corp deck was a really crap Broadcast Square and Amazon Industrial Zone deck that played a lot of illicit ICE. It wasn't very good, or very interesting.

Anyway, as everyone knows, the dog breakers are the best ICEbreakers in Netrunner. The only reason that they're not all on the MWL is because they can only be used 4 times. Without that drawback, Netrunner would be called Dogrunner and no-one would ever want to play Corp.

'But Cuacuani' I hear you cry, 'you can already just install extra copies'. And that's true. But it isn't efficient. No, we need a way to make the each doggo work for us more than 4 times. We need more doge. What we need, is a way to bounce a dog breaker out of play and then back in again, for less than the install cost of a second copy of said dog breaker.

As others have noticed before, Brahman does the first part of that. Once we're worn our poor doggos out, we can still run, break subs with Brahman and give our doggos a rest in the comfort of our grip.

Chatterjee University is the Plascrete Chef ingredient. It's a card from Kala Ghoda that lets you trade-in clicks for discounts on install costs. Conventional wisdom says it is too slow and doesn't give enough of a discount. But this is Janktown, where 'too slow' isn't a problem and 'fringe benefits' is what we're after. If we clicked Chatterjee enough, we'd never have to spend any credits on our programs. We'd have infinite free doggos.

Why wouldn't you want that?

The dream is achieved as follows - mulligan for Chatterjee University, install it, then start drawing cards and clicking power counters onto Chatterjee until there's 4 power counters on Chatterjee and you have a Lady and a 3-cost breaker (Cuj.0 or Rex). Now, use Chatterjee University to install Lady for free. Then use Chatterjee University again, to install either Cuj.0 or Rex for free. That's two free doggos.

Once you've finished being very pleased with yourself, click Chatterjee University up again twice, then use it for a Brahman and whichever dogbreaker you're missing to complete the rig. Then run, safe in the knowledge that you're no longer a lone wolf. You have a pack, now. You have the three best dogs in the game looking after you. When your new frens get tired and need to do a sleep, bounce them back to hand with Brahman, then use Chatterjee University to play them for free again.

For extra fun, install Net-Ready Eyes and pick your favourite doggo to receive a 'who's a good girl/boy?' bonus.

Bonus doggo ratings:
Lady - Very good girl. Best doggo.
Rex - Big old pupper. Best doggo.
Cuj.0 - Breaks nasty sentries. Best doggo.

15 Aug 2017 Jackson Howard


16 Aug 2017 skyrunner36

How about a one of Oracle May, to fill that last point of influence, and to make easy money?

17 Aug 2017 Cuacuani

@skyrunner36Oh, that's an excellent suggestion, cheers. I'll definitely try and fit her in the next time we have a jank tournament.