Ethically Dubious Publishing [SOCR2][Cache Refresh]

Sanjay 3080

Good building.

This deck performed solidly in fightingwalloon's online Cache Refresh tournament, finishing with a 3-1 record (swiss was 5 rounds, but one of the weeks my opponent couldn't make it).

Deck Theory

Obokata Protocol is an important power card to consider in the current Cache Refresh format. No Film Critic means runners that want to take it need to pay the 4 net damage, which is kind of a pain in the neck. What that means for Jinteki is that we can open up scoring windows not just when the runner doesn't have enough money, but also when the runner doesn't have enough cards.

Harmony Medtech is a cool ID to combine with this idea for two reasons:

  1. Obokata Protocol is a pain to steal, and 50% of your agendas are Obokata Protocol, meaning 50% of your agendas are a pain to steal.
  2. Actually 100% of your agendas are a pain to steal now that I think about it.
  3. You can win a game scoring out nothing but Obokata Protocol.
  4. The smaller deck size helps you go fast and see your best cards sooner.

Even without Film Critic, there are a lot of good cards that can help you deal with Obokata (Daredevil and Obelus are pretty good ideas for instance) but this deck puts a lot of pressure on you to find those answers in not a lot of time. You are playing Fast Track, which, unlike Turtle Up And Lament That You Can't Find a Scoring Window Track, is pretty good for helping you go fast.

Going Forward

I think the deck is pretty decent. It could probably use some tweaks. I didn't really tweak it a lot during the tournament because I kept winning. But cards that could probably go:

  • You probably only need one Mirāju. Your solution to agenda flood is to put your agendas in your score area. The main goal of your HQ ice is to make Account Siphon less good, and Mirāju doesn't really help with that.
  • Having the econ to rez a Chiyashi might be a bit too optimistic, even though the econ in the deck is generally pretty good.
  • Prisec are okay as a bad Ben Musashi, but three of them are probably unnecessary.

In their place, I would consider maybe a Project Junebug or two to open up scoring windows as a backup plan, and maybe a copy or two of whatever your favorite ice is.

If you want to free up influence, you can replace the Adonis Campaigns with Marilyn Campaigns. I won't stop you.

Big Thanks

I only finished 17th in this tournament so it's not like I have that much to be thankful for. Regardless: