SOCR2 - Harmony Mushintech

Conphas 578


I have always had a fondness for Harmony Medtech. A small deck size and needing fewer points to win makes it feel perfect for jinteki trap madness. For regionals I was on HB Battle of Wits. For the league I decided to try to leverage that experience into a Medtech deck. Since I was on Harmony Medtech, I was locked into Honor & Profit for my big box.

Agenda Suite

Obokata Protocol and The Future Perfect are both difficult to steal. They are both worth 3 points. I won 1 game through scoring out.


Mushin No Shin is one of my favorite cards. no question about it. Playing it creates a feeling of dread from the runner. I love it. Playing it here lets me threaten traps and agendas. The only time I protected a mushined card is when I got to install a Data Loop in front of an Obokata Protocol.

Hedge Fund and IPO generally provided enough money for the game. Mushining cards is pretty cheap. I did click for credits a bit and I'd like to find another econ card.
Archived Memories and Preemptive Action both allow me to recur key pieces.
Neural EMP is good for killing wreckless runners.


Aggressive Secretary and Project Junebug are wonderful Mushin targets. Even if they survive a Junebug it is a serious tempo hit.
Breached Dome and Snare! keep R&D digs down.
Shi.Kyū is in the deck to force the runner to need to steal half the agendas in the deck. Not an easy task.


Data Loop protects Obokatas, As does Kakugo
but honestly the ICE suite was a bit of a train wreck. I can't say much more than it needs work. DNA Tracker is a great card, but Komainu, Chrysalis, and Data Mine were all dead weight.
IP Block didnt have tag punishment to back it up. Mind Game got expensive to keep playing psi games.

Overall, I loved the deck. I had fun playing it even if the games went long. I honestly can't remember my record with it. 3-1 I believe. Maybe 2-2. I tried the deck @Sanjay was running one round and lost in 3 turns due to some great play and lucky accesses.

2 Sep 2017 lostgeek

I tried your deck in some post-rotation matches. There you can add 3 Consulting Visit, 3 Back Channels (and 3 Beanstalk Royalties for the 6 Weyland cards and some Siphon protection).

Allows you to recycle failed traps and ensures that you always have a Mushin or Preemptive Action to shuffle back your Mushin + Traps.

Real fun idea. Thanks for the decklist :)

2 Sep 2017 PureFlight

Any ideas for changes to ice? Not sure what you could ask for from stuff like Kakugo and DNA. I suppose this list just doesn't have the econ to rez expensive ice like those. So maybe more is in order?

IP Block can definitely go. If you're worried about AI, Hortum seems like an okay include.

2 Sep 2017 lostgeek

Since you can have advanced failed traps around, here are some totally untested changes:

+3 Mass Commercialization for Money

+1 DNA Tracker +1 Mausolus +1 Chiyashi +1 Kakugo +2 Hortum +1 Ice Wall

−1 Chrysalis −2 Mind Game −2 IP Block −1 Data Loop −2 Aggressive Secretary −1 Data Mine −1 Komainu

4 Sep 2017 neuropantser

This deck is terrifying and I still have flashbacks.

4 Sep 2017 Conphas

I dont love MassComm. I dont usually have more than 1 or 2 failed traps.

ProTip. On the 1st first mushin, tell your opponent that if it is an agenda you aren't even going to score it. It makes them super paranoid when you get to 3 points.

Ice suite defintely needs love, but I think I've moved on to Post-Rotation builds for a bit.

4 Sep 2017 Conphas

Hortum is a good IP Block replacement. Then I think scrap the Data Mine for an econ card, maybe 2x Medical Research Fundraiser? Squeeze in another Kakugo?

Take out the Breached Dome for those 2. Not sure. Slots are tight when you run 5 advanceable traps and 8 cards to support those traps.