Cayambe Low Tide (Revised Core Rotation Compatible)

obscurica 1260

What do we do in a world without Account Siphon?

We play Anarch instead.

Valencia has a number of great options with the Revised Core rotation. She benefits off of either end of Mining Accident more than most, and triggering Investigative Journalism without reliance on MA landing BP is just sugar on top. But on top of that: stacking Bad Pub makes it easier to stick the landing on Lamprey, which is your key replacement for the econ suppression niche that Account Siphon once filled.

Econ with the Revised Core is also looking extremely favorable for Anarch. Porting in Temüjin Contract to back up Sure Gamble and Liberated Account makes for a shockingly wealthy investigative journalist.

That, in turn, makes The Archivist unusually dangerous: ideally, you're setting up a scenario where the corp just barely has enough money when they score. If they're running GFI, Oaktown, or other applicable agendas, that's just even more Bad Publicity for you to work with.

The ultimate end-game is a thoroughly demoralized corp -- bankrupt thanks to Mining Accidents and Lamprey, and threadbare on options thanks to Maw and Itinerant Protesters. With a little luck, you'll even snag Cyberdex Virus Suite with Salsette Slums, forcing them to manually purge viruses -- effectively letting you get away with murder.

13 Sep 2017 konradh

"3x Salsette Slums"

You came prepared.

15 Sep 2017 bmeagle

Who do you find yourself Rebirthing into most often?