Post-Rotation Single Core 2.0 Corp Demo Deck

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KingOfOdonata 209

First attempt at a single, Core 2.0 Demo deck. Tried to keep it simple with the most economic related Corp ID. But of course, from there, some tricks had to be added in to grab interest and show the tension in the game.

The first thing I want new Runners to understand is how uncertain and unsafe things can be, and you have to learn how to measure risks. Definitely a few traps, especially Jinteki traps to help teach that faction's major identity.

I wanted to cover all of the mechanics, to Traces were included, as well as cards that can utilizes tags beyond trashing resources. It's a basic deck, but much more dangerous than an HB: Stronger Together build, or just one focused on ICE and Agendas. Not sure how best to start a player out, but I think this covers all the bases and gives an idea of what each faction can do and how they can mix.