Take the corp's deck and throw it into the trash

ramus 297

This game is broken. Have fun.

Credit goes to @presheaf for posting a SVA list and @Grentain for describing a more busted version.

18 Sep 2017 GlyphedArchitect

So decks that do no damage, this does nothing against?

18 Sep 2017 SneakdoorMelb

@GlyphedArchitect Titanium for 2 damage, amped up for 3, Chacon for 9, respiro for 3. That's 17 mill on the 3rd vanadis. 16 on the 2nd. 15 on the first. Corp damage is irrelevant. This wins on turn 5 a good chunk of the time and basically never later than turn 9.

18 Sep 2017 SneakdoorMelb

Which is 48 cards trashed from R&D total.

18 Sep 2017 moistloaf

It works folks and fast!

18 Sep 2017 analogBrad

Is there any tech against this? Seems like even Trope keeps best defenseing loaded bookmark from being great. And guessing bookmark isn't that important unless you're getting bad draw?? Even scarcity doesn't stick with gvmnt investigations. And hard to kill with all those cards. Here's to SVA getting level3'd

18 Sep 2017 haywire

Goodbye Dyper, hello SVA.

The annoying King is dead, long life the new annoying King. T_T

18 Sep 2017 ryanbantwins

I hate it when people post your secretely-developped-worlds-deck. Tried to keep it hidden by keeping it of Jnet.

Also I would swap the Origami for extra econ (Dirty laundry, Liberated). Extra hand size is actually bad, if you need to clear your hand, when you're missing bookmark.

18 Sep 2017 MrBrown

Genetics Pavillion is the tech against this.

18 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

Sooner this gets hit the better.

18 Sep 2017 goodknite

why quetzal? Wouldn't Kim be better with the 1 influence?

18 Sep 2017 Manadog

Good thing we got rid of all those degenerate NPE cards with the revised core.

18 Sep 2017 ANRguybrush

holy shit, I was just tinkering on the very same idea with a criminal deck and now someone is posting this.

18 Sep 2017 PurinaBisonChow

How many power counters do you typically put onto Bug Out Bag?

18 Sep 2017 Dazzler

how does this work ?

19 Sep 2017 Leviathan

I think the flavor text on SVA is appropriate. Expect an MWL correction.

19 Sep 2017 PurinaBisonChow


The idea of the deck is that in one turn you're going to smack yourself again and again and again (avoiding tossing the important parts with Titanium Ribs) and then use Salvaged Vanadis Armory to mill the corp to death. Everything else is there to either draw or hold the pieces.

For example, Titanium Ribs, Respirocytes (x3), Dadiana Chacon (x3), and Amped Up (x3) causes 17 damage to yourself and then install and pop three Salvaged Vanadis Armory to mill 51 cards. When they then can't draw at the start of their turn, they lose. Clearly you don't have to mill 51 cards by the time this happens but you can see how powerful it can be.

19 Sep 2017 PurinaBisonChow

@Leviathan I don't see any reason for that. I don't recall Dyper being hit by the MWL in any way and I don't believe this is any worse. It is incredibly fragile. This deck has no means of getting into a server with an ETR on a code gate or sentry or a barrier with two ETR subroutines. Simply scoring out before the runner triggers this works just fine. Salem's Hospitality, Blacklist, Genetics Pavilion, there are a large number of counter plays on top of rushing.

Is it no fun to run into this unprepared? Sure. Neither way Dyper. Just be prepared if you expect to see a lot of it.

19 Sep 2017 Dazzler

Question for the SVA, you can't pop it 3 at once right ? because it is unique you need to install + pop one by one right ? On the SVA it says trash immedietly after taking damage. So in between SVA I need to trigger damage ?

19 Sep 2017 Tolaasin

`@PurinaBisonChow good luck scoring out by the end of turn 5/6/7 ... this deck sets up very, very fast.

19 Sep 2017 Leviathan

I'm with @Dazzler. If SVA can only be triggered immediately after taking damage how do you install 3 and pop them effectively?

19 Sep 2017 triorph

Yeah @Dazzler has it right. You need to do 3x Chacon, 3x Amped Up and Titanium Ribs (14) then go Vanadis -> Respiro (mill 15), Vanadis -> Respiro (mill 16), Vanadis -> Respiro (mill 17)

48 total. Still obscene.

Also @PurinaBisonChow is wrong, this deck is way worse than dyper. It is less fragile and much faster.

19 Sep 2017 Sutlomatsch

If you only see this deck in your meta, why not build a Deck with ~80 Cards in it and lots of Ice? :D

19 Sep 2017 nicohasa

@SutlomatschThen they add one hades shard, mill 40 cards and probably win on 40 accesses, unfortunately.

19 Sep 2017 Sutlomatsch

@nicohasa well, then you're screwed :/ maybe nobody notices? Or you gotta go back to Salems Hospitality :(

19 Sep 2017 PurinaBisonChow

@triorph The only thing I'm wrong about is my math because I neglected the fact that you could only trigger SVA after damage.

Every few months I hear the whole "the sky is falling, FFG sucks" deal again. A new deck comes out, people are unprepared for it and lose to it in brutal fashion, and decide it needs to be torn down by FFG. Is the deck counter to what makes Netrunner a fun game? Sure. Will it take worlds? Absolutely not. There are simply too many counters. Best Defense, alone, tears this deck apart.

19 Sep 2017 Rahrhino

Brb... Building a 100 card corp deck

19 Sep 2017 Johnny Polite

@PurinaBisonChowI really don't think Best Defense is the amazing counter you think it is. All the runner needs to do is build up credits and install a bug out bag with ~30 credits on it. Best Defense will let you trash Vanadis if the runner is foolish enough to install it early, but they can install it on the combo turn instead. The only read target is Dadiana, and while she helps you can still mill ~20 cards without her.

Start of runner turn, pop Bug Out Bag, you have essentially your whole deck in your grip.

Click 1, Titanium Ribs, play three Amped Up. That's 5 damage so far. Install Vanadis, install Respirocytes, Pop Vanadis. Mill 6. Do it again, Mill 7. Do it again, mill 8. There's 21 cards. if a single Dadiana is on the board at the start of your turn, you mill 6 more cards.

19 Sep 2017 Xh4rx4d

This is really stupid. It's the definition of a Degenerate deck. I don't think the clans concept was to work on self-inflicted damage. It was supposed to be a tag me deck that could withstand being Boomed. Vanadis should have an errata: "damage from Corp cards only."

19 Sep 2017 PurinaBisonChow

@Johnny Polite @triorph @Leviathan The more I read about the card, the more I am willing to admit that @triorphis correct and I am wrong. I still insist that there are tons of counters to the deck but the problem I think I run into is underestimating just how fast the deck is and just how little it actually interacts with the corp. Dyper at least needed to make repeated successful runs. This doesn't even need that.

Full disclosure: I don't actually have first hand experience with the deck yet. I have the deck build (and have had it built since Fight Club Quetzal was posted) and am trying it out tonight at my local game store.

20 Sep 2017 rex_monolith

... And don't forget the final slap across the chops for the corp as they will probably have to trash HQ when the massively charged clan vengeance is trashed.

Personally I'd put in a couple of sacrificial constructs to protect the bookmark and a clot to make the corp waste time icing up before FA'ing agendas. A Darwin would also be useful as a misdirect and so that should the big turn start and you only have 2 Amped up you can can ditch the surplus credit in order to trigger a Dadiana rather than wasting a click installing something for the spend.

20 Sep 2017 Xh4rx4d

If this becomes common in the Meta, Then I guess the right counter is corps decks with 54 cards, 3x Museum, and lots of ETR ICE like Guard, Battlement or Hortum. Not the worst thing in the world, since Archives control is limited after Rotation without Jackson.

Dig for museums and ice, Ice archives and museums. Ask them "Why do you keep hitting yourself?" And proceed to win. I guess...

20 Sep 2017 Sutlomatsch

But still, what about this one turn where the runner just goes "please put 40+ Cards from your RnD to Archives, look there- a Hades Shard!"?

20 Sep 2017 Xh4rx4d

@Sutlomatsch I guess I'm gonna add a few NBN cards, Salem's Hospitality and Ibrahim Salem to my Weyland deck then.

30 Sep 2017 ZomB

Now that SVA is gone, does the Clan Vengeance part of the combo have any legs? I mean it still works if your opponent is playing CI as you can bin their entire hand with 2 or 3 Clan Vengeance. Is there any other way to work with it? Fisk Investment Seminar is a start but doesn't seem to cut it alone.