Kit Blade v.1

pj20 1454

Chose Opus as my restricted card & really is the main source of econ here. Basic plan is SMC --> Gordian then Tinkering / Egret + Maker's Eye & Turning Wheel for multiple access.

2 Oct 2017 quailman2101

Liberated Account works out to give you 2 credits per click. Don't think I'd include it with Magnum in your deck. I'd switch it to another Daily Casts or maybe a Bank Job to use up the spare influence.

2 Oct 2017 pj20

@quailman2101yeah I agree.... I am going to switch it up to add a Legwork I think. If I can get a MOpus out early then I'm pretty set with Econ & being able to hammer either central for multi-access seems better than wasting for clicks. Thanks for the feedback