Turnturtles Maxx (20th at Worlds, 5-3)

edpaget 208

I had no idea what runner to play a week or so before Worlds. Everything I'd tried in testing was < 50%, and just didn't feel good to play. So when @tstack hit me up with his idea for a Maxx, I took it and ran.

You can support two basic strategies with with this shell. Against CI decks you just want to run constantly, build up Turning Wheel counters and get HQ accesses and be okay losing if it turns out they're on HHN -> Load Testing. Against glacier Jinteki, you want to deny them the scoring remote using cutlery. Trashing Kakugos and Data Loops (and getting your Maxx draw) prevents them being able to safely score Obokatas (and two Levys mean you don't care that much about damage anyway). Turntable is big in both the Jinteki matchup (for Niseis) and against Titan where you can pretty much end the game by swapping an Atlas.

We never identified the CTM or PU decks that made top-16, so this deck doesn't really have any good answers to them (besides having two Levys for the PU matchup), but it shined against the glacier Jinteki and CI decks. I also didn't realize how good Mother Goddess would be in a Fuastless world, and wish I had an extra Retrun or Femme. Two of my loses came down to not being able to get a Femme retargeted in time after my opponent trashed one Mother Goddess to install another.

Again shout out to @tstack for coming up with this deck originally, its super dope. You should give it a try.