IG - Charity Gift III

GarfieldMew 404

Original deck notes:

This deck started life from Charity Gift III in Sheffield. Playing IG without any of the Prison or Asset spam ideas, hence just plain good old fashion jinteki shell game. It was boon at the event netting a lot fun and close encounters without winning much.

Round 1 Vs Steve Cambridge 0-7 (lose) Against a previous winner of Charity event, Dan was well equipped to deal with my tricks.

Round 2 Vs Los 0-7 (lose) Coolest lady on the block, Alice Rees she knew how to handle this type of deck.

Round 3 Vs Chaos Theory 3-4 (lose) One of the most tense games of the day with Dave, he was on the special deck with any one of shaper ID at random. This went to time and but the last 6 pts was scored on last few turns. I was 0-1 down due to an ealier news team and philotic entanglement. I had to Mushin No Shin a The Future Perfect with a Trick of Light to make it look like a 5-advance kill. He didn't risk no need since he had lots of money and feedback filter. Only to have victory snatched back from my grasp with R&D on psi for another The Future Perfect.

Round 4 Vs The Professor 6-0 (win - runner flatlined) the news team and snare combo worked against a dig and then to top deck a boom was harsh.

Round 5 Vs Null 3-8 (lose) mind was warped after long day opened with a Mushin No Shin of The Future Perfect and forgot to ice over it. Runner said its the last game, lets run 1st click without drawing up and just started to roll to victory. Couldn't even hold the tied by winning 4 psi games to finally run out credit for 5 psi over 3 turns.