Mythic Brains

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Celephaishs 16

The Cybernetics deck I've been playing around with for the past while. Win by the runner hitting a Cerebral Overwriter, then seeing the game out with some Self-Destruct Chips, Enforced Curfew or even a Chairman Hiro.

If runners aren't hitting your traps, then you've got Mother Goddess and Loki to score an Elective Upgrade behind, which can let you FA your Project Vitruvius. I've actually won a near equal amount games with this.

The basic idea was to tighten up the quick-kill potential that Cybernetics has, and the Mythic Ice can give you time to score out if the Runner doesn't have their AI. Cards like Black Level Clearance (secures HQ if the Runner's already been brain damaged), Shipment from MirrorMorph (securing servers early or getting stuff onto the board to make the runner think) and Violet Level Clearance (semi-risky card cycling, but I felt this deck really needs some draw as you're playing different win-conditions) can be easily adjusted depending on personal preference.

Chairman Hiro can be easily lost to free up some influence. Trick of Lights just weren't really doing it for me, and an early Cerebral faceplant combined with Hiro behind a Mother Goddess just sounded hilarious.

Project Junebug is there so you have cards other than Cerebral Overwriter to advance, either for Back Channels or to make the runner think. Brainstorm is there for either an early surprise with a Hedge Fund, install agenda, install ice first turn, or to catch the Runner off-guard later in the game.

So far my wins have been split between a first turn Cerebral hit, and then Junebug kill or negative hand-size flatline (which has happened more times than I expected), or simply scoring out behind Mythics that couldn't be broken. This'll lose easily to a more cautious player who can build up an AI breaker and economy, as the only out there is a faceplant. Still, success has been higher than I thought, and games have always been fun to play, early at least. Waiting for that top-deck Vitruvius to FA has been a position I've both won and lost in a number of times...

Anyways, let me know what you think! My main aim has been to give this deck a viable win-condition when brain-damage/lowering hand-size does nothing. Hopefully I've accomplished that - I'm happy to hear any recommendations folks may have!

15 Jan 2018 Krams

If you ever want to drop Hiro, I made good experiences with 2x Neural EMP as a finisher in brain damage decks.
Just reduce their hand size to 1 and then EMP->Archived->EMP.