There's Core in the Water (15th at CBI)

lostgeek 2466

Fire Anansi Sub

Win the game

When you print a prison card, expect everyone to go prison... and go the other way. And for once, my testing mates in NWE had to convince me the jank I built was actually good and not the other way around.

The centre piece of this deck is Nanisivik Grid, same as DeeR's build, but where they went the route of using a Nani on Archives and one on the remote to lock the game, I wanted something more interactive and more tempo-based. I am totally fine with just putting one Nani on Archives and having it be a surprise using some nasty cards.

Now your Archives is extremely safe, especially for Agendas like Obokata Protocol. You can dump them there and start playing a NA game on your remote. Your ideal scoring plan looks like this:

1. Do the Nani thing and score Regenesis as a 3/4 Agenda with an Obo in the bin.

2. Throw another Obokata in the remote and double advance it (preferably behind Anemone.

3a. They steal it, score a Blood in the Water from hand and close out the game with Hybrid Release.

3b. They don't steal it. You win.

Of course this doesn't happen every time... it doesn't even happen often. More you're just throwing whatever combination of cards you found at your opponent and hope to bullshit your way to 7 before they can assemble their game plan. Games rarely feel fully in control, but the holes in your defenses are next to impossible to see from the other side. And one wrong call can cost the Runner the game.

Thanks for the NSG OP team for organizing this CBI. And thanks to my opponents for making this a very fun day!

18 Jan 2023 ayyyliens

Opinion on Kakurenbo? Might be better as simResets or more ngo fronts?

18 Jan 2023 lostgeek

Kakurenbo is amazing at what it does. You need the ability to reset your ice in Archives, if the Runner actually forces you to. And Kakurenbo does that in a tempo-positive way. Including the best skateboard trick of them all: Using Kakurenbo to trash Obokata Protocol, Regenesis, and Hybrid Release to then install and score the Hybrid Release, installing the Regenesis into your scoring remote. You're up 1 point, threatening to go up 4 more points and have reset your facedowns.

I actually had 1 copy of Simulation Reset before, but ended up cutting it and play the 1 NGO instead.