The Reader

tmoiynmwg 6341

Secretly the best runner deck in the format. @joseki can back me up on this one.

26 Jun 2018 Saan

We've got a reader!

27 Jun 2018 CodeMarvelous

Is there an inside joke here because this actually looks pretty good and BlacKat slays EULA?

27 Jun 2018 igrekk

How do you prevent trash from Cold Read?

27 Jun 2018 koga

Super cool, I have a couple questions.

Are Cold Reads there for the asset spam matchup (since the trash can't be prevented)? If so, is there only 1 Paricia because of mem?

Also, is Dummy Box there for the Skorp matchup or some other reason?

27 Jun 2018 tmoiynmwg

@CodeMarvelous I just made a boisterous claim after nats and beat @joseki in a showmatch. This is in fact a good deck.

@igrekk Either don't use any non-SMC programs or trash a nonessential program like Cloak.

@Koga Cold Read is very versatile, I think of it as Sure Gamble #7-9. Dummy Box also protects your resources.

27 Jun 2018 rotage

Great list, what (if any) changes would you make for the deck in a pre R&R meta?

28 Jun 2018 tmoiynmwg

No changes. Enjoy!

28 Jun 2018 BlueHg

Such a cool list. Glad you posted it. <3

29 Jun 2018 Saan

We faced off in Swiss, where we got a runner split. I was on Gagarin, who I usually CRUSH Smoke with. Instead, here's the first turn of the game.

I (incorrectly) kept a hand with 2 ICE, a TS, a PAD, and an agenda. I say incorrectly because I have almost no pressure here, which is what I want. Anyhow, I mando draw into another agenda, so I ICE both centrals and put out 1 asset (again, this is a terrible opening).

Here's Timmy's turn. Click 1 - Gamble. Click 2 - SMC. Click 3 - Cold Read, using the free credits on SMC to grab Paricia, and the other free credits to help trash the PAD (correctly not using the Paricia credits as well, which Cold Read would make him trash). Click 4 - Astrolabe.

So now he has money, has free money to trash my shit, and has massive card draw from Astrolabe.

I showed him, though. I just drew a bunch of agendas in a row with nothing to do with them (again, I ICED both centrals and never drew more ICE til it was too late), so rather than have his Astrolabe draw him a bunch of cards, I just lost on central accesses.

It was a hilarious train wreck of a game, but it was mostly a train wreck due to his sick card inclusions. While also devastating to me, Falsified Credentials is a sick card right now, with everyone jamming NGOs and Rashidas into remotes to make you run them. Really, I just love the entire influence use.