Inside the Building

dezigerator 34

2nd place at the Emerald Knights store champ on 1/27 (10 total players; dinky yet intimate). Shoutout to Raph, who actually made 4th for the cut but had to leave, letting me join the top cut.

Generally speaking, try to get Zamba out as quickly as possible and abuse it as much as possible. Silhouette triggers are well enough for a mini-Gabe credit gain when hitting HQ, but once two or three GPIs are on the table, three credits and three turtle counters when approaching unrezzed ICE is powerful, and also avoids a resource-reliant economy, considering how prevalent Scarcity is these days.

If the Corp ices up most servers and purges to try to lock out your turtle, Deuces and Feint can be used to generate slightly more turtle counters than they expect you to have, or you can use the backup breakers to get turtle back up and running.

Use Silhouette's ability (using Feint if necessary) to avoid running the remote unless it means points. Leave No Trace allows you to abuse a deep server with your GPI/Zamba synergy. In one game, I ran a 4-deep and then 5-deep server with both Leave No Traces and two GPIs, each time gaining the 2 credits needed to break each NBN ICE.

I chose Indexing for R&D pressure because Aumakua makes repeated runs very cheap if you're able to get access. Information Sifting failed me repeatedly but was included in case of CI. Sneakdoor Beta only helped once or twice, but I think the threat is important, especially when you need plenty of unrezzed ICE on the table for your late-game econ.

Dropped one game against Merlin because I didn't use any expose powers or facechecks on the Philotic sitting on the table since turn two. Also dropped a game against Jeff's CI-combo kill, and then lost in the final against Timmy's Skorpios after a long slugfest of finding just one more unrezzed ICE after another for turtle counters to fuel single R&D accesses.