Glacier Asa

Space Cowboy 136

I've had many interpersonal discussion about the last few cards in this deck. Some of them:

What is more important, draw or econ? Do I use a third Violet violet or Marilyns? Melange or Marilyn? I decided on Melange because theoretically I can keep them installed behind a glacier for a few turns while I click away at it.

My first forays into ice composition most ice costed at 4. So I added a few cheaper ice: Najja 1.0, Owl, Macrophage. Facecheck/click loss, facecheck, and taxing, respectively.

Thought about Sandburg. Thought about MCA Austerity Policy. Thought about Reversed Accounts into Bryan Stinson, but that was a bit too far away from my wincon.

Influence uses: I had Komainu for a bit, but it was too much influence. I've added Bryan Stinson for econ after runner runs through a glacier for a bit, and an Anonymous Tipfor draw into ice. I heard someone mention Replanting for moving around the Jinja City Grids and installing more ices for free, which I think is fun.

Distract the Masses to shuffle back inopportune 3 pointers.

Would love your thoughts!

Also, I suck a creative deck names. Can the internet hive-mind help me out?

7 Feb 2018 mimychatmiaou

Group as a glacier ?

9 Feb 2018 BreakAway8

I feel like it's a missed opportunity to not call this archetype GlASA. That's based on the pronounciation of ASA as "ay-sa" of course.

Including low cost ice is a neat idea. I tried this idea in AoT and with 18 ice; my clearances somehow never combo'd well with Jinja. From that I would shy away from having 2 x Violet Level Clearance. My recommendation is cut the VLC's, swap them for 1 extra Jinja and 1 x Jeeves (J-man combos well with Ultraviolet as well as Melange). I'd also make Eden Fragment another SSL (because it's cray cray good). Throwing in some NGO's somewhere could also be handy to trick a runner into running through a brutal Jinja'd up remote. Liking the deck! :)

9 Feb 2018 Space Cowboy

@BreakAway8 How would you spell it, just GlASA? I think that was my first thought, but you're probably right.

Also, I like all your ideas. I've never been a huge Violet fan, so maybe I'll go for one more NGO and one Jeeves. (I changed the Distract the Masses with NGO and another ice this morning). Dig it, thanks for the input!