Violet and Jinja

greyfield 3583

Jinja City Grid is secretly outrageous. If you install four pieces of ice off it, you've saved 4 clicks and five to nine or more credits. And it just so happens Clearances make getting all those triggers elementary. And once you start adding, say, the eighth piece of ice (Jinja cost: 3c), and get your Seidrs up to a staggering 10 strength, it doesn't much matter what other ice is in there; they're not getting in.

It's possible that this deck actually wants MORE ice just to make the triggers more consistent. But for the time being, with Bryan fueled by Economic Warfare, 18 is probably enough.

Ban Violet Level Clearance and Bryan Stinson, please. It's time.

10 Feb 2018 PyWiz

Economic Warfare may be difficult to trigger.

Seems bonkers.

10 Feb 2018 Simone Suka

except d4v1d and FF exists, so seidr could be bypassed\countered, i'm ok with the facr this deck's bonkers

10 Feb 2018 npgames

Another great card you could splash is Special Report! I've been running a similar deck with that and celeb gift.

14 Feb 2018 Radiea

@npgames Celebrity Gift Special Report just like that time on the moxwall stream!

I've been playing around with Special Report Jinja CI since the day Jinja was spoiled, and originally I was using Celebrity Gift instead of the usual Stinson plan. After testing, it feels like with Special Report, 1-2 Stinson (and other 1-of pieces like Ash or Helheim Servers or Reversed Accounts) become very consistent since you can always dump half/most of your hand to mulligan for them; the Stinson plan gets to go off most games, and is definitely more powerful than Celebrity Gift.

Special Report as a 2-3 of gets to serve multiple functions in agenda management, digging for pieces, and to make huge shuffle-draws to install >5 ice in a single click.

If there was a way to put Sandburg in for great justice i would, but that's being too silly