Watch the world burn

Mad Tinkerer 210

Well the name says it all. We destroy everything ... even ourself.

Alright I'm not gonna lie, this deck isn't easy to play but once you get the hang of it and maybe have a little bit of a masochistic side you will have a lot of fun.

-> Use Imp to destroy whatever you can

-> Profit with a ton of cards (notably Audrey v2, Friday Chip, Solidarity Badge)

-> With Leech and Audrey v2 you can get into almost any server really early in the game (for only virus counters)

-> We don't care that much about losing stuff since we have Simulchip and Labor Rights

-> Tags are the biggest issue this deck has since we run almost no credit econemy but the corp will struggle too and a lot of tag punishment isn't all that hard on us among the worst things are Retribution and Self-Growth Program which can hit Knobkierie. But stuff like Market Forces doesn't hurt that much since we don't need much credits anyway, and without BOOM! we can tank most kill cards by simply holding onto our Steelskin Scarrings)

4 Oct 2023 somefish254

Have you considered going up to 3 Friday Chips?