Surfer WuZekiGate - 4th at Brno Regionals 2019

percomis 1116

"If you're not starting every single deck you make with 3x Pad Tap at the moment I don't trust your card evaluation skills" - Chris Dyer

Publishing mostly for ABR claims, but I'm always glad when I can use a quote from Chris in a write-up.

This deck is the combination of:

  • @Sokka's Racoon Tech
  • A list I got from Chris Dyer
  • Improvements by @Tugtetgut while we were both testing the deck.

Notable differences to other Wu lists:

  • We took out PAD Taps to have influence for Stargate (which is an amazing card). We did start with PAD Taps, but Technical Writer made more sense and I cannot stress how good Stargate is in a deck that aims to do 1 meaningful run each turn or every other turn.
  • Our rig enables double-surfing in a turn to get around ETR effects and Aginf.
  • Technical Writers and Kati Jones are both excellent econ for the deck that don't cost influence. Surfing can cost a lot of money, so this deck needs all the econ it can get.

The deck went 2-1 in swiss (bye, beat Mirrormorph, beat spiky Palana, lost to Urban Renewal IG) and 0-2 in the cut (lost to the same IG and then Argus, both were relatively close games though). In hindsight I probably should have played Feedback Filter as the 46th card.

Also this deck gave me a perfect excuse to use an excellent Wu sticker made by @0thmxma: Cowabunga, Wu!

7 Aug 2019 percomis

I made a mistake with the list, The Turning Wheel should be a Hunting Grounds.

7 Aug 2019 CritHitd20

3x PAD Tap, sounds like this Chris is a smart guy.

8 Aug 2019 apo

So since this version has tutorable memory (once you find scavenge), maaaaybe you could cut one memchip?

9 Aug 2019 apo

@percomis also how did hunting grounds fare? Not sure it is worth the slot.

9 Aug 2019 percomis

@apo Not sure about cutting the MemChip as fetching Leprechaun isn't always as trivial as it seems (because you might want to Scavenge out something else), but could be worth a try.

Hunting Grounds is amazing at the moment, does a lot of work against Ravens and I was expecting Data Loops (my region loves net damage), which I did face and it pulled it's weight. Also one of our locals is on the Mythic ICE suite for example, so there it would have done something against Loki. I think Hunting Grounds is a good use of the flex influence spot, but of course it could be anything else based on the meta you expect.

10 Aug 2019 Sokka

My sticker went on Kabonesa’s chest of the acrylic top 4 ID from last year’s regionals!

At what point in testing did you decide to ditch the Khusyuks? The setup works so well with 2 cost cards doesn’t it?

My deck started with a Leprechaun too (also a 2 cost card! 😄) but I was having issues with SDS Drone Deployments trashing it so I ultimately chose to drop it. Doesn’t seem like you ran into any SDS in the tournament but did that worry you at all in testing?