SkorBios - KoS & 2nd @ Stockport SC

mcg 633

Let me bore you with the same trivia I've been spouting all day: This will be only the third Skorpios deck to include Bio-Ethics on nrdb. And the other two predate the Restricted List, so this is the only legal one.

Why Bio-Ethics? Firstly, because the look on people's faces when you rez it is priceless. Everyone goes through the three phases of shock, then confusion, then panic. And hopefully you can skorp something good from their hand (which they were closely protecting). Secondly, because the reaction of a lot of players is to run it immediately, without thinking about how much money they've got. And then it's HHN-time, baby. And thirdly because I thought I would see a lot of Film Critic to negate Hunter Seeker. But I have no idea because only one of my games lasted more than 10 minutes, so I rarely got chance to see their unicorn.

The rest of the deck is reasonably self-explanatory. MCAAP is another high priority asset to gode an unscheduled run (and can stop them clearing their HHN tags). All-Seeing I is a nice punishment for anyone thinking they're safe on one tag. Forced Connection does a lot of work making Bio-Ethics trashes more costly, or just generally breaking maths when people think they're safe to poke around. Illegal Arms Factory provides draw and money, and sets up another HHN shot if your opponent pays six to trash.

The first version of this deck included a Government Takeover, making room for a Wake Up Call and Economic Warfare. But when Council of the Crest was deemed legal I cut them to include Armed Intimidation. I'd like to fit them back in somewhere but I'm not sure where.

On the day the deck went 5-1, only dropping a game in the final. It beat Origami Kabonesa, standard Smoke, tag-me Maxx, Film Critic Hayley and Laidback Eddie (Gang Sign and Spoilers?!) before succumbing to Magnum Maxx. Mopus is the last card you want to see. Turn two Rebirth is the second last thing you want to see when facing Maxx.

My first ever cut. My first ever playmat. Slightly disappointed not to finish it off but still absolutely chuffed.

8 Mar 2018 SubTric

Was great playing you in the top cut! I was a little concerned you'd be onto me straight away as my 'laid-back Eddie' as you call it, was a bit of a 1-trick pony and given it took down a fair few corps during the day plenty of folks were discussing it between games. It didn't really matter though... as soon as the Bio-Ethics starting pinging key parts of my rig away it was game over before it started!

Great build!

10 Mar 2018 shanodin

Well done Mark! Looks like a fun deck :)