The Nubian Desert (Glacier)

Gilbod 166

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This is a simple glacier build for Azmari EdTech. It leverages money into ICE Strength with Sandburg. It's strategy is to make cash, install Sandburg and protect it while scoring Agendas.

Full Immersion RecStudio can host a Sandburg and Agenda, or just bluff, it's not a critical piece of the deck but if you see it and have a strong remote, consider using it. Otherwise one piece of end the run ICE in a new remote and Sandburg behind it.

The punishing ICE you want to catch the Runner of guard with are Holmegaard, Tithonium , Architect and Archangel . These often disrupt the Runner or set you up for a scoring window.

Jua should often go on HQ, it stops Criminals from installing Political Operative and trashing your Sandburg without actually going into your server, or worse, your Full Immersion RecStudio if it's set up.

Crisium Grid helps protect R&D or HQ depending on the opponent, Ash 2X3ZB9CY can work as well in a pinch for those servers but should be used to protect your scoring remote.

Leverage Project Beale as a potential 5/3 agenda when you can, most folks don't see it coming. 15 Minutes can close out a game if you get to six points or sacrificed to Tithonium.

This is a fun and simple kind of Glacier deck, get your money by naming Resource or Event early game, Program after you install something that looks like an agenda in a server, or Event when the Runner looks like they are going to make a play.

Unlike other Glacier builds if you and the Runner are both rich, and you've got a Sandburg, you will come out ahead. Bait runs with NGO Front through difficult remote servers and you can open up windows to score.

No tournament wins with this deck, but it's been fun casually and on, so try it out and let me know what you think.