SOCR5 Vindicated

Conphas 578

Behold! My janktastic Cache Refresh Deck! Osclate 'helped' me with this deck by absolutely wrecking it in every test game we did. She strongly recommended changes that would have made the deck better, I acknowledge them fully. A better agenda suite, a different big box. This deck would be better. But it wouldn't be ridiculously fun.

I won the 1st three rounds and named the deck Vindicated, because that's the way I felt. I put on some Dashboard Confessional and rocked out.

The lyrics to that song are curiously accurate to this deck.

Anyway. After a stellar start I lost 2 heartbreakers. It ended up 3-2.

How does this deck work? By landing the world's hardest BOOM!. BOOM! is a great card. it murders people. but it has a negative. It doesn't add to your agenda count at the same time. Enter Meteor Mining. That's right. TWO WIN CONS. ONE CARD. This thing is broken and I don't know why it doesn't see more play. Worse case it is like a Hostile Takeover that gives you two points instead of 1 and doesn't give you a bad pub! and is way more difficult to score! and nets 3 less credits.....

Ok actual worse case it clogs your hand because you need some crazy fast advance to actually score it.

Best case though.... it murders the runner.

Paths to a crazy combo.

Basically every path requires a scored Armed Intimidation or a scored Meteor Mining. Then you figure out a way to score out the other. If you have a scored Armed Intimidation, then you need something else scored as well.

I remember 1 involved installing meteor mining and oberth, saccing 1 Armed Int to another, landing 2 tags and placing 3 counters on Meteor mining. Rezzing oberth, saccing Armed int to put 3 more counters on meteor mining, then scoring and blowing up the runner.

Another was similar, but using Audacity instead of Oberth.

It sounds bonkers. It is. but I won 2 games on kill, 1 on scoring out. One game I lost I had the kill setup next turn. the other I lost I had to survive 1 more turn before they were totally locked out. In those 2 games I trashed 11 breakers between Tithonium, Archer, and Hunter Seeker. Through stellar play both runners were able to squeak it out.

Its a terrible deck with a lot of heart. I'm glad I played it.