Whoah-oh-oh, your house is on fire v1.0 (7th KoS 3-2)

Shiiuga 1206

This deck carried me to second in the Highlander Games and Comics Store Championship going 2-1 in Swiss on the day with the only loss being a timed loss in the final game, where 30 extra seconds would have given me the last turn I needed for the two Urban Renewal on the table to tick down to 0 for the kill (we played the turn before realizing it didn't count).

It also went 3-2 at King of Subways, with one of those losses being a forfeiture because I realised after getting the flatline that I was missing cards from the deck, making it illegal.

The deck has very few weaknesses and is based off the U R B A N R E N E W A L decklist of the week from back in February.

It keeps the bare bones of that deck with a few major tweaks, such as losing Museum of History to the MWL (Whampoa Reclamation is way more important), changing up the influence spread and the econ assets a little bit and swapping Vanilla out for Spiderweb to tax clippy and turtle a bit more.

As prison decks go it is fun to play and has a decent matchup against a lot of strong archetypes. Every game I have won was by flatline. I suppose it should be possible to score out but I've honestly never tried.

Deal with bad publicity by getting Elizabeth Mills out. They probably won't bother trying to give you another one.

Most of the flatlines are Hard-Hitting News followed by forfeiting False Lead in to BOOM!. It doesn't usually matter if they trash the Boom! as you can Whampoa it back and then draw it with Shannon Claire when it matters because most people won't consider that interaction.

Bottom every agenda you see with Whampoa except False Lead if you think you can sneak it out naked or behind ice. The only way they can prevent the kill then is with extra clicks (just score another one!) or by lucksacking agendas off R&D if you had to Consulting Visit the HHN. It's also possible but less likely to get kills off 2 coordinated Urban Renewals behind Tour Guides.

The only decks it struggles against are people who can keep up with your econ enough to trash your assets or prevent HHN but if you can sneak out a False Lead you only need to get a few credits ahead.

Best Defense is a clutch card that won me a match at KoS single handed when I used it to trash an Obelus in a God of War deck that was preventing me from landing the Boom!

4 May 2018 Decksmith

You seem to be missing best defense from the decklist, what should it replace?

7 May 2018 Shiiuga

Ah yeah I was on one NGO front on the day I believe.