A Rushy Outfit

kevintame 447

I have't published any decks in quite awhile as I haven't played things that have made me really exited. This deck has sparked a really love for building and tweaking a deck so I thought I would share it with you all.

Watch me play the deck

If you want to see me play it check out my live streamed games here.


First, I need to shout out @skry for the core design of the deck. He built a Cache Refresh deck for SOCR11 that had Jinja City Grid in The Outfit and I thought it was a really interesting idea. I also need to shout of @analyzechris for suggesting some better cards to add to the deck then I originally put in. His suggestions were very helpful.

So originally, I just wanted to give the Cache Refresh deck a try because I was interested in seeing how it played. I tried playing it on jnet against standard decks and it faired pretty well so I then began to think about how I could make it better for the standard format. The biggest changes to the deck from the Cache Refresh deck was Violet Level Clearance, an Audacity, a Cyberdex Virus Suite for Aumakua, and a bunch of stronger ice that we don't have access to in Cache Refresh. I think the extra draw and better ice really make the deck perform pretty well.

Starting Hand

I think a good starting hands has a cheap ETR ice, some econ like hedge or Too Big to Fail, Rashida Jaheem and Jinja City Grid. If you see Jinja early the game feels like a blow out. On the stream @joseki suggested that I use VLC to dig for Jinja and I think it is the correct call.

Ice and Jinja Placement

You mostly want to place them on a single remote and RD. Ice for HQ are Afshar and Border Control for Crims. Surveyor is always best on the remote. Don't have a single iced surveyor or even a double iced.

Overall Strat

Install ice for free with Jinja and jam agendas in the remote. Beat runners that are taking too long to set up. If you don't find Jinja build a big server the hard way. You still have pretty good econ to score and rez ice.


Give this deck a spin and let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear your feedback.

31 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Nice and simple. If you're playing so many Destroyer ice, I'd certainly consider 3x Batty instead of VLCs. He can win you the game on his own.