Los Keros - Grindiest Runner of All Times (standard)

Diogene 2800

The grindiest runner of all time. Apply economic pressure by derezzing ices, once a turn. It work in theory, but it also makes games go for 20+ turns.

Here is the two combos that makes this deck work.

  1. Los: Data Hijacker gives you 2 when the corp rez an ice. The you derez the ice with Rubicon Switch and gain 2 through Keros Mcintyre. This makes derezzing an ice 4 cheaper.

  2. Encounter an ice with Security Nexus installed. Try to bypass the ice, but do not boost the trace. This will jack you out with a tag. Proceed to derez the ice. Then, Citadel Sanctuary will take care of the tag for you (for free).

Rinse and repeat. Your econ is way stronger than the corp econ.

It is a fun experiment, even if it makes for much longer games. Cheers!

29 Jan 2022 CryOfFrustration

Imagine this, but with Zamba and GPI Net Tap...

5 Feb 2022 zmb

Maybe some Emergency Shutdown for derezzing ice not rezzed this turn? Also Mantle could be an idea as it works with Rubicon Switch

15 Feb 2022 Diogene

@CryOfFrustration : that would be interesting.

@zmb : Those are great ideas. I think Emergency Shutdown is a great call here and could replace Rogue Trading. Citadel Sanctuary could then be replaced by Bravado for econ. Also, replacing one or two Day Job for Mantle could help a lot.

Thanks for the ideas. Cheers!