Emergent Monolith

phette23 2213

This combo is silly but it's fun when you can drop a full breaker suite out of nowhere. Look for Monolith & EC in your NVRAM, putting breakers or MOpus on NVRAM too. Mulligan for the missing piece. Try to draw the turn you play EC -> trash Monolith -> install Monolith so you have as many pieces to free install as possible.

Chakana and Takobi were both really bad. There aren't enough utility programs to fill into this deck and SMC is mostly useless too. I think I'd rather have Daily Casts. Because I Can is pretty sweet though for clearing out huge upgrade remotes or shuffling MVT-Bankers back into R&D.

6 May 2018 LynxMegaCorp

The kind of jank I play this for. I'll try it out!