Frantic Knife Throwing

Jandersoncad 1015

So Llamb is pretty nuts. You know what also is nuts? Blowing up ICE with a really big Morning Star and throwing Knives at them.

This is a really fun deck to play that involves essentially throwing away all your things and then bringing them back. Its pretty silly and works way better than I thought it would. Its has some close games vs Titan FA but I always find i'm losing at 6. I tried doing Clot with Clone Chip and it just feels like it hurts what the deck tries to do.

I think the one of Levy is extremely necessary as its not uncommon for you to dump 20 cards into your heap to get your breakers. And that is were the beauty in redundancy is. Some of these deck slots can be tweaked but I've even played this versus Skorpios which I thought would be an abysmal match and it was very close.

And Spinal Modem?!?! Really?!?! It really is quite good. Traces can't fire if your breaking them. And if they not stuff out of your hand you were going to put it in the trash anyway. The 2 recurring credits for Llamb is actually quite good and the one memory is perfect so you can catch a wave late game.

Surfs up Knife Jugglers!!!

EmergencyShutdown Out!!!! Cowabunga!!!

29 May 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

Put this apple on your head!

30 May 2018 wedgeex

Hey, catch!

30 May 2018 atashi

This is so slim! Love it. May i ask what your reasoning for Quetzal is?

30 May 2018 ole380

My best guess that would be combo with laamb ability for stuff like asteroid belt, archangel, flare

30 May 2018 Jandersoncad

Quetzal is great for an early game knife on a one sub ice with Laamb. Also great on little vanilla, Seider and Kakugo.

30 May 2018 Jandersoncad

What do people think of going -1 stimhack +1 Wanton Destruction as a pseudo legwork?

30 May 2018 Whizkid

I think I would cut the 3rd surfer and try that. Stimhacks get you through a lot of stuff and help vs decks that go wide.

31 May 2018 Shiiuga

Thoughts about putting Paige Piper in to help cycle through your deck EVEN FASTER?

31 May 2018 Jandersoncad

@ShiiugaI just don't know if I install enough things to get value. Plus it's another piece to fine take deck is very trimmed.

@Whizkid We actually removed Stimhack in place of adding in a few Mining Accident.

2 Jun 2018 Jandersoncad

Current changes is -3 Liberated Account -2 Stimhack -1 Surfer +3 Mining Accident +3 Armitage Codebusting. Definitely some awesome recommendations from Ve (The Source). Doing some testing dropping Levy for Film Critic and dropping Legwork for Diversion of Funds and a Wanton Destruction.

7 Jun 2018 ZoeB

I love this deck, thanks for sharing it!

Would En Passant be a welcome addition?

7 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

Looks like fun! My experience (from playing against it) is that this deck isn't all that strong mostly because it's not fast enough. I imagine it shreds glacier, and it makes me glad I don't play glacier.

8 Jun 2018 Catsodomy

You could lose the Levy and throw in a couple of Tropes. Maybe.

23 Jun 2018 Gswp

I just played this and it was very fun! Once it's set up, the corp can really struggle because the first run each turn is so cheap. With just one Laamb, it has real trouble against anything that runs Ash and is richer than you, or Bio Vault, or Nisei Mk II or anything that requires you to run a server twice that doesn't have a barrier on the outside for one of the runs.