Colossus (Swiftie 419)

Swiftie 254

So this is the 419 that I played at worlds. It’s a bit different playing I’ve had worse and no turtle. A few months ago Nemamiah said you can pretty much do whatever you like with criminal influence so I decided to play 3 Steelskin’s. This was a clutch card in the last round of Swiss when I had to play against the current world champ and I managed to avoid flatline 3 times and the 4th came down to a 50/50 since caldera decided not to show up.

Over the course of worlds it beat a RP asset spam deck (which I hold Jakuza accountable for running into that in the first round of swiss and have 13 cards netdamaged out of my hand). PE on a net damage plan that could not deal with the massive driop econ and caldera and Azmari which was a very close game. I then ID the next 3 games only to be swept by Joe Schup and making day 2 on 9-5.

I wanted to play a deck that used Rogue trading as on its own provides a crazy amount of credits and I didn’t want to just get swept by Weyland. I’ve been playing this deck on and off for the last 3 months and I’m still finding it fun to play with most corps just wanting to concede when I’ve taken all their money #Aldershotfun.

10 Oct 2019 BizTheDad

Points for using Vamadeva. I always liked that card.