Nothing to see here Val (Toronto GNK winner)

lukesim3 468

Took down Toronto's first NISEI GNK with old faithful here. The Interdiction and No One Home did work, bypassing a Batty and enabling me to be more aggressive against tagging decks.

The Ice Carver is probably overkill, but the deck thrives on making efficient runs, and it can make recovering from a purge a lot less expensive.

Went 3-0. Wins against tagstorm Azmari, Jinja Sportsmetal and AoT glacier.

Anyway, nothing much to see here, but I do love this style of runner. No silver bullets (except for Stimhack, I guess), just cards that reward you for making smart runs, knowing how and where to pressure, and understanding your match-ups.

With that out of the way, I just want to say thanks to the crew at NISEI. They've gone about the business of salvaging my favourite game in a way that really gives me hope for the future of Netrunner. So stop reading and go give them money on Patreon.