gencon outfit (10th, NA Champs)

stoppableforce 575

It's Kenny's Loutfit deck with one piece of tech from Coyote Revenge - SEA Source (over one of the Snares) to catch people out for going to 1 tag and 3 cards. It did that during the day, and it also put one of my MaxX opponents on the back foot by trashing their SOT when all their Levys were in the bin, eventually leading to a Snare! win.

Played seven orange decks on the day - Gnat (L), MaxX (W), Val (L), MaxX (L), Val (W), MaxX (W), MaxX (W). All on Zer0, all on Clan Vengeance, which means every win was a struggle: 2 HPT wins, 1 Snare win, 1 score out.

6 Aug 2018 thebriarfox

Doing God's Work....