Scorth card - Hybercube Corp

phette23 2213

Hypercube draft deck. NBN: Making News was the ID. My agenda suite was 3x Restructured Datapool, 3x SSL Endorsement, 1x The Future Perfect.

As with my runner draft, I was stuck with pretty mediocre IDs. I think Making News was my first pick and I was passed Asa Group and Chronos Protocol, both of which I considered heading into the draft. My early picks were Surveyor, SSL Endorsement, & Philotic Entanglement. As late as the back half of pack 2, I was hedging around a few strategies: a glacier single-remote deck built around Surveyor & my excellent 5/3 agendas, a Making News deck fashioned after former meta-mate Cory Diers' Media Blitz-Restructured Datapool tagging deck, and a rigshooter Chronos Protocol with Neural EMP (I did see Kakugo later but I had given up on this archetype by then).

I landed Scorched Earth eventually which solidified my strategy. The strength of drafting this deck is there are lots of pivotal cards that are low priority for everyone else (Media Blitz, Datapool, Door to Door, even News Hound) so you can get them halfway through a pack or even let some wheel. That freed me up to grab high-quality ICE like IP Block, MCA Austerity Policy, and focus on hotly contested econ cards like the clearances and Sweeps Week. I also knew that there wouldn't be much link since on the runner side I'd drafted Rabbit Hole, Underworld Contacts, The Archivist, and two Sunny cards.

In the end, I thought this corp would be janky and lose off single accesses pretty frequently. Instead, I repeatedly punished runners who didn't have currents, putting up disgusting plays like turn 1 Door to Door and easily shutting off my centrals with affordable tagging ICE like IP Block and News Hound. This deck went 4-0 with all flatlines. A Faust Whizzard facechecked IP Block last click while I had all 3 Scorched in hand, Au Revoir Ayla almost came back from beind under D2D lock for ten turns by vamping me to nothing but I finally topdecked Scorched, Stealth Blackmail Val got tagged by Door to Door and played around a Scorched they knew I had in hand for a while until I drew a BOOM! for the win. I also beat an Andromeda but I forget exactly what happened.