*slaps roof of kit* this bad boy can fit so much (3) brain d

JedTheLed 15

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Early on use Stimhack with a SMC (or Clone Chip) to get Inversificator out. Then try to get Multithreaders and Cyberdelias down and run at least once each turn.

Draw with Professional Contacts and assemble your rig while running each turn.

Multithreader is the best economy in the game, 2 creds each turn for only 3! Get one down early, and as the corp ices up get more down. Takobi and Cyberdelia can also help you make free or credit gaining runs. Stimhack is also the best economy in the game, its 9 free credits and a run for only a little bit of permanent brain damage. Spend extra Stimhack creds on using SMC or Clone Chip to pull whatever you need.

Use those swaps! Drop big ice into archives. Put code gates at the center of servers. Try to make hq or r&d easy to run on. Avoid annoying ice by swapping it with the outside ice during a run. Create servers that you can run even without Kit's ability. You can even use multiple Inversificators to surf one ice all the way into a server.

Box-E reduces the impact of all that Stimhacking.

Mulligan for at least 2 of draw, economy, Self-modifying Code, and Stimhack. Ideal opener is anything with Stimhack and Self-modifying Code.

EDIT: I've switched the Ika to a Na'Not'K, with similar logic to running the inti. The painful boost ratios aren't so painful when backed up by takobi or even a dedicated processor.