Borderline 4th / 27 & 5th / 32 @Euregio

5N00P1 627

This is the Mti Deck based on the one I played at Magnum Opus, where I tried to fit in Border Control. I took it to a GNK with 27 players and a community tournament with 32 players at the Euregio Weekend (both including lot's of decent German & Dutch players, playing in top 16 @Euros or national events) together with my Liza Deck, that was not as good as I thought.
It performed well, going 9 to 2 in these 2 days. But I think it's not really good. I was staying with the econ heavy suit which allowed me to go very fast, just this time I was much poorer due to the changes.
I exchanged Corporate Sales Team against Timely Public Release to have even more Nisei MK II together with Border Control, this might have been a mistake. I also included Border Control basically instead of Architect. The 1 influence was spend on Marilyn Campaign. And I exchange the Vanilla against Chiyashi.
I wanted to try this out and thought 2 days of Netrunner is the right place to give it a try.

I was under the feeling it would haven been better to have played my Magnum Opus list, it might have just been a felling, but it doesn't feel good!
I played (during 2 days):
Val 2x (won 2x), Smoke 3x (won 2x, lost 1x), Chaos Theory 2x (won 2x), 419 2x (won & lost), Wu 1x (won), Heyley x1 (won)
I missed the economy from Sales Team, the cheap Vanilla to rez and the Cortex Lock to punish early and some times I missed the Architect.
I liked the Preemptive Action as it allows me to shuffle back Econ and I liked the game where I had 3x Nisei & 2 Border Control on the board. And I liked the Sand Storm.

As always, Scarcity of Resources can win games.