JeeMti (GNK Winner 4 - 0)

5N00P1 683

This was carrying me to the victory of an 6 people GNK which started strange as we were uneven and only played one side. So I played 6 matches in total with 4x corp. Together with my Liza deck.
I wanted to check if I could get away with a never advance game in Mti. Putting something in the remote having Jeeves out and potentially score. Jeeves is protected by Mti which is nice on top of the high trash costs. This worked kind of well, but more testing is required.

Game 1 Valencia: Kill in turn 3 or so, when she ran into Cortex Lock.

Game 2 419 Apoc: Apoced me once, assumed it would be a Nexus build. Was able to recover and score out. My second scored agenda was Nisei, helped me to close them game, when he tried to apoc me after IAA.

Game 3 Valencia: Tense game, when I tried to score she was dying in a DNA Tracker with no Black Orchestra out, Aumakua only on 2 and 2 cards in hand.

Game 4 Liza: Take your own Medicine. It was a long and dragging game, as I couldn't find the agendas when I needed them to score out. EStriked me and got 2 Agendas. But with Envelope on Archives, IP Block on R&D and Anansi on HQ running was not really an option. Kept my servers closed and was able to squeeze out the win. Best move was when Liza tried to DoF me and I installed a second Anansi but she jacked out before dying.

Not sure if Mumbad City Grid is the right call here, or if I should go with Marcus Batty, Code Replicator or Bio Vault.