Gibson the Hack (5th place Australian Nationals)

lutomes 62

What happens when you're running no Levy, Frantic Opus MaxX, and make morning of nationals last minute change - why you change the ID of course.

I've been playing since core set, and just wanted to have some fun for our last official event. So yolo why not main deck Omar. It's pretty hard to go wrong with money and breakers.

You'll have money coming from all angles, but don't let that stop you from faceplanting Anansi with 3 cards in hand, and declining to pay the 2 credits because you're feeling lucky enough to trigger the single I've Had Worse.

I credit my decks success to playing in costume, as the gods of RNG certainly were in my favour.

As for the deck, Turntable was MVP, and Hippo and Scrubber both earned their slot. But you need to be prepared for tee psychological horror that is watching your Frantic Coding hit zero programs whilst trashing all your event and resource economy.

One cool card I saw on the day (that wrecked my Casting Call Argus) was Dorm Computer. I'd definitely find a slot for this against the tag heavy meta, probably a Career Fair.

My other side was WOPR

Thanks to everyone who was there on the day. You all certainly made our last Nationals a fantastic memorable event.

14 Oct 2018 Radiea

I needed to believe harder.

That single ihw hit into drawn ihw hit on that Anansi tho