The Pain Train

w@ke 1

My first real shot at a Runner deck. It can pretty much be summed up in one sentence:

Play Mining Accident

Between draining the Corp and making them live in fear of getting Diversioned, you should be able to stick some early Mining Accidents. Ride that bad pub all the way home, pumping your Turtle, raking in credits, and recurring Crowdfunding.

Because I'm not very experienced yet, I wanted a standard breaker suite to back up the Turtle/Eater plan. At the very least, Amina has synergy with the credit-drain theme, plus it's a great breaker and hopefully you'll have the credits to install it without much hassle. Paperclip is a big influence drain, but it's so strong it seems worth the spot over Demara. With Paragon being pretty important to the build, the bypass events and Femme fill in for the popular Security Nexus.

I'd love to include Corporate "Grant" to clear currents and keep the Corp even shorter on credits. However, this deck is almost half Events and isn't exactly bristling with draw, so I'm not certain I'd trigger it enough times to be worth it. (Especially since adding it would probably tip the ratio even further towards Events.)

The card I'm most considering cutting is Security Testing. When you can stick it early, it's basically a free Criminial MOpus. (Even moreso if you can stick Mining Accident.) But outside asset spam, you usually either find that the Corp has sufficiently iced its servers that clicking for 2 credits is a waste, or you'd rather be pumping the turtle anyways (since SecTesting replaces the access). And multiples are often prohibitive to get use out of. It's a really fun card, and theme/strategy-wise it's on point. But it may not make the final cut. (Why oh why couldn't you have been balanced properly, Temüjin Contract???)

HQ Interface may not be great here, but we're short on multi-access. And it works faster than Turning Wheel, which helps you maintain tempo.

I also feel some perverse impulse to try a one-of Oracle May, just to get some extra value off of Paragon. Because jank speaks to me on some deeply spiritual level.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I'd love to hear thoughts/comments/suggestions!