Excalibur love story (GNK winner)

qvm 1226

This deck went 2-1-0 (2 wins, 1 timed tie) in the Zurich Kabooom! GNK.

Those who know me know that I love Ag. Sadly, mti/border control pushed Excalibur on the restricted list. But you have to play anti-cyclic. Excal on the restricted means people don't respect it while deckbuilding, so even more reason to play it!

Notable cards Eli 1.0 and Slot Machine are an auto 3-of in all my decks these days. Anansi is the best sentry.

Jua is a cute crowdfunding counter, though I haven't played it much in this meta yet. You could also use the inf for more Fairchild 3.0.

Border Control could also be a 1-of, even in Ag.

Ice composition has changed since snapshot. I feel that Enigma is almost at an all-time low in terms of usefulness. Atman 4 or 5 can be amazing (since Turtle pushes us to high strength ice), but against this deck it needs to be on 3.

Cyberdex Virus Suite wins games against Turtle. Since the abomination that was Dean Lister is finally gone, purging is fun again.

I also tested a 2-pointer Ag (triple nisei/CST/timely public release + philotic). Timely public release is hilarious in Ag. Try it out!

Thanks to all the players for the fun night and thanks to Kabooom! for organizing.

30 Jan 2019 flimflam

i mean jua and bastion are speaking my language but mine is 3x border control no fc3 no wraparound no jua, breached dome over cyberdex man i do want that jua back tho

30 Jan 2019 flimflam

also where do you land on code rep vs batty vs bio vault in ag i had been on code rep for all the engolo, etc

30 Jan 2019 qvm

@flimflam I only had Jua/Wrap for that gnk. They are not essential.

I was on 1x order control before, that's great against strike. I feel 3x is too much. They're expensive and don't tax by themselves. fc 3.0 is one of the best ice for ag.

cvs is not only for pitching in archives, but also for using directly..

I used to play code replicator. It's good. Bio vault is very click intensive, but can be amazing. I could see playing 1 each.

Crisium is also great. The only non-ice card I'd pay inf for

20 Feb 2019 Thike

I like a lot of the choices here! Excalibur AgInf BS is great. Have you tried Jinja? The ice installs are so clutch for AgInf.