2nd Greenlight Comics SC - Sun Scorched Adam

PowerBunz 479

2nd at Greenlight Comics Store champ in Adelaide.

I've been playing Adam since I watched it win Aus Nats and then retreated to Central Australia to think about it for 5 months, and also since I got the beautiful ANRANZAC alt art. My Adam partner in crime at the SC did not fare so well, presumably because he didn't play enough Stimhacks or Falsifieds, or because he was TOing and I distracted him with dumb misplays and dobbing myself in.

46th card was "Freedom Through Equality" because I was afraid of 6 agenda Azmari and am generally a coward. Never played it. Deuces Wild was also a panic switch, but almost makes sense and did good work.

Other things that felt wrong were the Hunting Grounds and lack of a cheap Killer, but neither of these really bit me. Best play was against 3rd's Mushin Palana twice where in both games I avoided death by lucky accesses and good shuffles. Netrunner is a skill-based game.

Corporate Defector is such a meme and I almost wish I had Hostage so I could always have it down. It's too good.