Bad Guys (1st @ Utrecht SC)

DoubleK 246

This is an extremely evil Weyland deck that has no ice, no intention of scoring out and actively goes after the runner for a kill. If you have too many friends and find it annoying when people like you, you should give it a try.

The deck starts by making tons of money with its 14 transaction operations, the Weyland ID and Bankers. If the runner starts poking around and tries to stop you from getting rich, they expose themselves to the reactive kill package of Hard-Hitting News/Forced Connection + High-Profile Target and Punitive Counterstrike. If the runner sits back and doesn't run, go for the proactive kill plan and send bad guys after the runner in the form of SIU, Door to Door and Armed Intimidation, rez the Judge and shoot them in their high-profile face.

SIU + Judge + HPT is the main proactive kill combo, but Door to Door also works if the runner is poor in order to plant a tag, rez the Judge and force some action. Sometimes it's even worth using a Consulting Visit to find it if you have a big credit lead, which is often the case. Armed Intimidation can catch runners who are afraid to run and don't keep a full hand, so you can rez the Judge or straight out murder them. 3x Consulting Visit and Tech Startup help find the right kill pieces at the right time. I've managed to pull off a couple of proactive turn three kills so far. I feel dirty...

I took this deck to a small tournament in Utrecht where it carried me to 1st place by flatlining all three runners it faced, two with a proactive kill and one with a reactive kill. I don't normally like to bring such evil decks to tournaments, but I thought I'd try playing the bad guys for once. I was only going to be in the country for a few days, so I was ready to live with the consequences, make no friends and be chased away with pitchforks. Luckily it didn't turn out like that and all the opponents I played against were really nice and we enjoyed beers in amazing weather outside afterwards. Or maybe the nerve toxins they slipped in my drink haven't kicked in yet... Regardless, I want to thank the organiser and the Dutch Netrunner gang for being great hosts despite my evil ways!

22 Apr 2019 Radiant

This is evil and I love it. Have you given any thought to running this out of The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated instead? Or to including things like Snare! or Prisec?

22 Apr 2019 DoubleK

@Radiant Thanks! Yes, I tried it out of The Outfit too. I just felt like Weyland BABW gave me more value. And it's cool to play the good old core set Weyland :) Forced Connections were put in last minute to test them and could easily be Prisecs to do a similar job. Haven't tried Snares in this. I don't think I'd want to cut any of the 3x SIU or 3x Hard-Hitting News for it to release influence, since they're so crucial for the deck. I guess in a way the Forced Connections are a bit like Snares in this, triggering even if not installed on access.

25 Apr 2019 Radiant

@DoubleK I've been playing a tweaked version of this on Jnet and have noticed that if Stargate hits the field it's basically over. How do you stop them from just using it every turn? I had a runner on tags but couldn't do anything about it cause he'd just see all my cards before I did and trash the High-Profile Target or Consulting Visit, then bin enough agendas to win in one turn and avoid Punitive Counterstrike.

25 Apr 2019 DoubleK

@Radiant I don't think there's much else you can do about Stargate than try to proactively kill them with SIU+Judge+HPT early, or draw aggressively for one of the High-Profile Targets if they float tags. Same with Maw, Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer and Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist - they're just bad match-ups for this deck.

The 3x Forced Connection used to be 3 pieces of ICE that could be thrown on centrals to force the runner to find a breaker and slow them down enough to proactively kill them. I think that might be better use of those slots, although they don't always show up when needed.

26 Apr 2019 zmb

I love it :-) Maybe a plan B for scoring out? Suggestion would be to cut 3x Forced Connection for 3 x Dedication Ceremony and add 3 x Casting Call in a remote already full of upgrades :D -also works well with the City Works Project

30 Apr 2019 DoubleK

@zmb Yeah that's a good idea and I could see that working. It would change the nature of the deck quite a bit and probably require removing the SIUs and the proactive kill plan though and putting in a few pieces of ICE. I might test and see how it works, thanks for the idea!