Leela Patele 3.4 (2-1-1 @ Bologna Regional)

Berzelius 147

This is the deck I've brought to the Bologna Regionals. It's the Nth evolution of the Leela I've been playing since the relase of Gang Sign, as I love the sinergy between that card and the id.

Usually, the combo of Gang Signs, HQIs and Leela is strong enough to let you steal a couple of agendas without even running, buying you tempo for your slow setup (for which Modded is a great boost). Fisks are usually meant to be played when the corp tries to score an agenda in a remote, in order to try to flood him with agendas. Salsette Slums is great versus some degenerate decks and has the perk of allowing you to rfg a card while boosting Aumakua, plus, it's thematic with Leela's indian origin. GS Shrike M2 was a tech versus spam assets with Tour Guide, but I've seen none of them. Bukhgalter might have been a better choice.

The deck won versus a Jinja Sportsmetal and Koga's awesome NEXT deck, lost versus an Outfit kill, who bluffed me into a suicidal run when we were 6-6, and got a draw vs ACME, in a match that can only be described as a WAR, with me hammering the centrals as hard as I could while facing a brutal tag storm. When the time was called, we both were at 6 agenda points.

My corp deck was my Outfit rigshooter from the previous store, that went 2-2, winnig versus 419 Nexus and a Smoke, but losing versus Pirate Wu and a stealth Jesminder. Too many shapers.

Thanks to Goblin Bologna and the other players for all the fun.