Pinkwarrior 2278

Based off of an Oracle May deck with the plan to Wu out all you programs so may couldn't hit them with May. That list while ok had it's problems but taught me alot and after a few tweaks i got this a much better deck that runs quite smooth and wins a fair amount it's got some bad match ups for sure but it can compete.

The first change was May to Baby this made a massive difference the econ was abit worse but meant less restrictive deck build and freed alot of inf whilst still maintaining that low tempo hit.

What I learnt from the May version and playing WU.

SMC is a trap, a tempo trap this list has always only run 1 SMC to get Pelangi the original reason for this was less things may can get wrong. It soon became apparent that Rejig&Scavenge are just way better for WU as it costs 2 more to get the program your after and you don't get your id discount. If you veiw these cards from a differnt light however its alot clearer think of them as Special Order thats free to use and give a discount of 1 on the program your after, it also can search for any no virus program and has utility later with cards like Cake... i mean D4v1d. In fact if the stars aline you can eat your D4v1d and still have it... I mean Cake.

Levy AR Lab Access is pretty useless in the current meta out of all the games i played with the may version i played levy Zer0 times. got most of the way through my deck most times too. It's only really useful against grind decks and honestly a Feedback Filter would be an easy way to counter that without using restricted cards.

Battering Ram is ok as breakers go and you want to save inf but Paperclip is amazing and worth it's restricted slot whilst we all know its good against barriers it's just as good against Codegates and Sentrys with Pelangi. FC3 4 credits Anansi 4 credits, Architecht 2 credits about the only real bad one is Tour Guide.

Rezeki is not an econ engine and you shouldn't rely on it, Ever! it is however a nice way to fill 1 or 2 MU and fine as drip when you draw it but 4 credits per Rezeki at the start of the game is too much (looking at you SMC-Rezeki) in the current meta the games too quick and 14/15 credits that many turns later is worth far less than 4 right now. Also doing such a thing creates other problems like less SMC's in your deck and now you need to find MU so you can install the very things you need to get access to those game winning agendas.

2xMisdirection is great it allows one to be happily removed and allows a spec work target if need be. Spec Work is ok not brill but in WU having the ability to turn it into a double that drags some program out of your deck is helpful.

28 Jun 2019 FreqKing

Cool build. Spec Work is great for 'installing' Paperclip or other conspiracy breakers. Do you find a single Comet is sufficient? Seems like you lose a lot of synergies without it.

28 Jun 2019 Pinkwarrior

Spec work can be but not so good here as the out side ice needs to be a barrier then without pelangi.

I do find 1 Comet is generally fine as i don't need the MU at all though the extra click can be nice it generally means i get to click for a credit more so not really all that useful. I think you could swap a misdirection for a second copy i prefer the 2x mis though.