Event • Cost: 0 • Influence: 0

Add an installed program or piece of hardware to your grip. If you do, you may install a program or piece of hardware, paying Xcredit less. X is equal to the printed install cost of the uninstalled card.

I didn't say your hopper should be hauling garbage. I said it should be hauled away as garbage.
Neutral • Krembler • Downfall 29
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  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    The Runner has an Astrolabe installed and has installed programs with a total memory cost meeting their memory limit. If they Rejig their Astrolabe into another console with +1, do they have to trash programs?

    Yes. After the Runner adds the Astrolabe to their grip, their installed programs exceed their memory limit, so they must trash programs down to their new memory limit before continuing to resolve Rejig.

    Which uninstalled card does Rejig refer to?

    The cost reduction for installing the card with Rejig is based on the install cost of the card the Runner chose to add to their grip.


Lore review:

So...this is the great problem you get when you have a game that alludes to so many fandoms at once: you never know when the things you pick up on are things only you see, or things most people see. Anyway, here goes.

The NCC-1701 on the hopper's license plate is the ship's number of Star Trek's Starship Enterprise. The hopper looks nothing like the starship...it's the wrong color, wrong shape, wrong size, you get the picture.

The quote at the bottom is from two different Star Trek episodes: the Original Series' "The Trouble with Tribbles," and Deep Space Nine's "Trials and Tribble-ations." In the former, the crew of the Enterprise finds itself at a starbase which serves as a sort of safe haven to both members of the Federation (AKA "The Good Guys") and the Klingons (AKA "The Bad Guys"). One of the Klingons, seeking to make trouble, makes the mistake of describing the Enterprise using the above quote, which prompts chief engineer Montgomery Scott to defend the honor of his vessel by starting a bar-fight.

In "Trials and Tribble-ations" the Federation and the Klingons have made peace, but somebody goes rogue, and goes back in time to install an explosive device in one of the "tribbles" (harmless self-fertilizing fuzzballs that breed like crazy) in order to kill Captain Kirk. The Deep Space Nine crew goes back in time to try to stop the killing, and encounters a lot of the same scenes that appeared in the original.

I'm not a Star Trek expert, so some of you out there can probably catch all kinds of little mistakes in there. I just remember watching "The Trouble with Tribbles" over, and over, and over again with my dad. He's a purist and he'd "kill" me if he knew I was even talking about anything other than the original series with y'all. Thanks for the nostalgia, Nisei!

(Downfall era)

This is the new Scavenge. Different but simillar.

Posible uses I can think of

-Revamp a program that it's key when it's installed (such as Femme Fatale or Gauss).

-Avoid destroying a program when you're tight on memory (for example, take back a Rezeki when you need the icebreaker)

-Take the discound of a less useful hardware or a used program (Such as Pelangi or Imp) to install the next piece of the suite.

The main difference is that this card goes to your hand so it counts at least to cardboard to take damage or being installed later, but the card can't be used to revamp a used Chisel.

(Downfall era)