The Truth is Out There (A Runner for MWL 3.3)

DoomRat 1487

Normally I'd wait to have tournament results before posting a list, but there won't be a MWL 3.3 regional in Texas this year (the last one was this past weekend), so I decided to go ahead and post this. It's been performing very well in testing, and I highly recommend it if your struggling with the nerfs to your favorite runner.

Game Play

The base strategy is pretty straight forward. Pressure centrals with RNG Key, Find the Truth, Turtle and/or Omar as they're drawn. If they cover a central attack a different one. If they cover them all punch a hole with Hippo. This level of pressure should leave the corp open to having a Terrible Accident. If the runner over commits to centrals, they'll likely have a porous remote that'll be vulnerable to Stims. If they do manage to stabilize, start bouncing a The Turning Wheel for one big dig to end it.

Match-Up Tips


This match-up is highly favorable to you, provided you can survive the first two turns. If you run on the first turn you want to make sure you end turn with at least 12 credits. If you can't do that, let it go and build a credit lead. You'll survive a tick of CBG or a Rashida fire, but Econ Warfare -> HHN on turn 2 will usually kill you. Once you've survived that, your priorities are 1) Get Money, 2) Stop their money. If you hold an I've Had Worse, you can safely ignore urban renewal so long as you confirm there isn't a bioethics on board (either by checking open remotes or seeing a judge). Note that if you don't have I've had worse, the contract killer that's been sitting in the remote face down all game will kill you. As long as your careful with your credits, you should be able to keep far enough ahead of them to watch them deck out.

Surveyor Glacier

Use the normal game plan here, but make sure you don't lose your Ice Carver. It's in the deck for this match-up and you need it. Don't be afraid to use stimhack to trash Jinja to slow down their remote. To quote SamRS: "No really, trash Jinja."

Weyland Murder

I expect this match-up is tough but winnable, but I can't seem to find anyone playing it (maybe everyone is bored of Argus?). I dunno. Either way, the best advice here is to be really aware of of Econ Warfare when your evaluating whether you'll survive a run.


Why are we spending 4 influence on a console when the all-mighty Turntable is infaction? First, your going to want that MU in most games. RNG Key is just about the best card in the deck, and we'll usually want amakua as well, which brings us to 5 MU very quickly. Second, a pretty large percentage of corps are on 7 agenda suites against which TT does nothing. Installing TT as a 2 cost MU brick feels really bad in my experience. Third, Paragon does a ton of work in the Gags match-up, pushing it from so-so to very favorable.

Wrap Up

That's pretty much all I have to say about this list, so I hope its helpful. Remember, the truth is out there!

16 Jul 2019 kollapse

No D4v1d for the glacier builds? That can't be right.

16 Jul 2019 DoomRat

@kollapseI think Ice Carver is a better slot than D4, and the anti-synergy between the two is pretty strong. If you want to include it I'd consider -1x Ice Carver -2x Paragon -1 other card +2x Clone Chip +2x D4.

16 Jul 2019 kollapse

Yeah, I might actually be thinking of a completely different build for the D4s. I love the FTT+RNG package though, played it a lot at SCs last year, so I might stick with your build.

17 Jul 2019 Porkobolo

Rule question: how does it work the timing of omar keung with find the truth? i can choose which one triggers first so i see the rnd card and then decide where to run or i decide where to run and the see the card?

18 Jul 2019 Okkdoko

Omar ability goes first as it's a replacement effect, so you have to choose HQ or R&D before triggering FTT.