Elementary, My Dear: 3-2 at Philly Regionals, 11th

Sanjay 3080

Deck name, as well as instructions on how to multiply by two, are in this video.

Fully Operational is my favorite card in Downfall and one of my favorite cards ever, because I love counting things, multiplying by two, and getting money.

I had mostly been playing it out of Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance. It makes a lot of sense to do that! Asa perfectly installs Fully Operational servers, so you set up big Fully Operationals very easily.

A few benefits of instead playing Architects of Tomorrow:

  • Fully Operational economies tend to install ice that they don't necessarily want to pay money to rez, and getting them, instead, for free, rules.
  • For that reason, I tend to want ice like Pop-up Window, and out of Architects of Tomorrow Fairchild 1.0 is like purple Pop-Up Window (even though it is supposed to be purple Pup).
  • Most importantly, you get to play CFC Excavation Contract, which doubles the number of cards in your deck that let you count things, multiply by two, and get money.

2 x 3 = 6

Disclaimer: I only thought of naming this deck after the Schoolhouse Rocks song "Elementary, My Dear" after the tournament because of all the multiplication by two. Had I realized this was going to be the deck title, I would have replaced the Ichi with either a Sherlock 1.0 or a Sherlock 2.0 and I regret I did not.

24 Jul 2019 CodeMarvelous

Won't someone please think of the Fairchildren?!

25 Jul 2019 Cooker

Any thoughts on a NASX or 2 instead of 1 or 2 Marilyns? It can double your Fully Operational money (letting you multiply two again!)

28 Jul 2019 Sanjay

@CookerI've been meaning to get some NASXs in here for a while and have had trouble finding a cut, and I think you are right on the money that that is the one to go.

1 Aug 2019 SpaceIce

I love the engine of this deck! How did it feel on the day? I worry it might be a little weak to ice destruction or apocalypse decks

9 Aug 2019 ptc

Neat list! What do you use the Warriods to defend? DBS? And is the Batty there just for ETRs?