joaofcv 22

Possibly a last Hayley deck using cards from C&C. Not a ton of testing yet though.

This deck is all about positive tempo and going fast.

Autoscripter isn't a great card generally. It just gives you a click back for something you don't do that much, and has a few restrictions. But in Hayley? First, by triggering your ability you can click-lessly install programs from hand. Second, you are going to do that a lot. Sometimes it isn't worth going out of your way too much, but can still give some great value.

But this means you have to draw a bunch of programs, and eventually replace a few of them. Enter Spec Work - it's an Aesop packed into a Diesel can. Sure, it will run out eventually, but while it lasts it feels great.

Reaver gets extra value from those trashes (as well as any trashcan abilities), but it is probably the most flexible influence in this deck.

Sahasrara is another crucial card. Depending on the meta, I might replace the Paricia with another copy of Sahasrara, because it is important to get it out early. Importantly, it allows for totally free installs of Chameleon or MKUltra - preferably hosted in Flame-out for some free bucks in that turn. Next time you need them, install again to trigger Cybertrooper Talut Talut and Technical Writer. SMC can also use Flame-out credits for great effect.

Khusyuk can be used either with 1 (3xAkamatsu, 1xAstrolabe, 3xClone Chip, 3xCache, 3xDavinci, 1xPelangi), with 0 (3xTech Writer, 1xLLDS, 1xParicia, 3xSMC), or with 2 (2xFlame-out but it is unique, 1xCybertrooper, 1xKati Jones, 3 breakers, 1x Sahasrara, 1xReaver). It will depend on what you have already installed and/or trashed.

LLDS is there mostly to save an Autoscripter from an easy run, but often I will just sell it anyway. Could be an easy flex spot.

Kati Jones is a way to turn all those extra clicks into long term economy for slow matches. Not sure about it, could maybe be replaced by a Beth or by a silver bullet. Astrolabe is mostly Akamatsu 4, the ability is super nice but not worth having dead copies because deckslots are so tight (look at all those 1-ofs!).

Breakers are mostly selected for being relatively cheap to install and not very inefficient. Gordian Blade is what I'm the least happy about. Gauss is mostly a poor man's Corroder, but it can have some glorious turns when installed at the right time. MK Ultra is a click-less install and infinite recursion, which more than makes up for the not so good values.

I wish I had space for a few copies of Levy AR Lab Access, but it isn't essential except for a few match-ups.