♦ Flame-out 2[credit]

Hardware: Mod
Influence: ●●●○○

Flame-out can host a single program.

When you install Flame-out, place 9credit on it. Use these credits to pay for using hosted program.

When a turn ends in which you used credits on Flame-out, trash hosted program.

Illustrated by Caravan Studio
Decklists with this card

Kampala Ascendent (ka)

#109 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • ANCUR UFAQ 24 [Michael Boggs]

    Can the Runner use credits hosted on Flame-out to pay the install cost from using Self-Modifying Code?

    No. Paying a program's install cost is not using that program, and Self-Modifying Code is no longer hosted on Flame-out when the program is being installed, so neither card can meet the requirements to use credits from Flame-out.


It's a crime that this card doesn't yet have a review by somebody better at this game than me, so I will do my best.

First of all, this is a good card. Probably one of the best cards to host on this is Self-modifying Code. Use the credits on Flame-out to pay the 2 that it costs to activate it. Probably won't be a good idea to host what you find on this, unless it is something like a Sharpshooter which you intend to use once and trash anyway, though.

My read says you can SMC to drop Ika on this and then pump Ika with the Flame Out money and then use Flame Out money to pay the "host on ice" cost of Ika and then Ika probably won't be trashed because it is no longer hosted on Flame Out. Flame Out says it trashes "the hosted card". Maybe that's a question for the rules team, though.

Also, Modded is a really good card, and this is a not quite optimal but still pretty good target for it.

Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker is a decent ID to try to use this card with. She is in faction and she has an ability to spend a click and search your deck for an SMC and put it in play. That's a great way to make sure you can find your breakers early and it's a great way to spend Flame Out money.

Also, she can drop SMC on Flame Out to find Rezeki if it's money you want.

Good card for both Kabonesa Wu and Flame Out is Rejig so think about using that if you are going that route. Rejig will let you spend the money on Flame Out and then move the card off Flame Out before it gets trashed. Test Run will do a similar thing and let you use the Flame Out money while keeping your breaker from being trashed.

Some out of faction cards to consider with this are Khan: Savvy Skiptracer breakers like Golden/Peregrine/Saker, which allow you to pay an extra amount after you pass an ice to derez it and then take the breaker back to your hand so it doesn't get trashed. Chameleon is another good try which is in faction for Shaper.

Aesop's Pawnshop will let you sell the Flame Out for extra money after you spend the 9, so consider adding that card to your deck too. There is also some synergy with Flame Out and Spec Work so you can at least trash the program for a benefit after you used the Flame Out money on something.

You might also try using Trade-In to trash one Flame Out after you spent the money and then get another one from the deck to get a new set of 9 credits. You can also just use that opportunity to get some other hardware that you need instead of another Flame Out like an Aniccam, a Cyberdelia, or a R&D Interface.

I don't suggest using Independent Thinking in Adam, but if you do use that card, then you may get extra mileage out of Flame Out that way. You could trash one of your directives, the Flame Out, and whatever is hosted on Flame Out that is about to be trashed, and then draw 6.

  • Edit - I thought of another potentially good thing to put on Flame Out, Misdirection. As long as you think you only want to get one use out of it, like an emergency against Hard-Hitting News then you can drop Misdirection on this and use Flame Out money to clear all the tags. That would clear a whole lot of tags and potentially keep you out of BOOM! range. If you have to lose the Misdirection, it's a small price to pay if you are still alive. It's also very easy to do this emergency plan with Kabonesa Wu.

Also, FWIW, flavor wise I have to believe that Flame Out is Kabonesa Wu's card, like she is the one that invented this hardware and uses it. Flaming out is exactly the kind of thing that it sounds like a Netspace Thrillseeker would do. The way that Flame Out works seems to fit perfectly with the way Kabonesa Wu works as well.

That's all I can think of, so hopefully the above sparks some ideas.

(Salvaged Memories era)