Eko Wu - MnS SC 10th

Runaway 168

10th in Swiss (0-4) at the Seattle Math'n'Stuff SC.

Good things in an opening hand: Game Day! and Peace. Diesel and Gamble are alright but not great; Origami in hand means you save 2 credits and an SMC for something later.

First turn, play peace or gamble if possible. Then (if necessary) click for a credit or Wu for SMCs, turning them into Origami. Turn 2: Game Day. The next task is to get your money online, then try to win via R&D multi-access and contesting remotes.

First round, lost to @afishisborn's NEXT deck; I couldn't money up quick enough to repeatedly pay through the giant Jinja servers.

Second round, lost to Ryan's PU deck; I had a strong midgame but he wrecked me with two Wake Up calls, targeting Ekomind, on the same turn and I died to Kakugo cuts shortly after that.

Third round, narrowly lost to @sedatedfork's Haarp deck as I had a bad start, stupidly running a 15 minutes, scoring him a Franchise City. He ultimately won with Offer You Can't Refuse, by dragging me through a Thoth into a QPM in Archives.

Fourth round, lost to @checkthebox's CI deck despite having a gangbusters Peace & Game Day opening hand; I didn't hit any agendas with my R&D multi-access and apparently they were mostly in hand, where I didn't have any multi-access pressure.