Coin Toss Kill Deck (2.0)

danilche 18

I never saw Nisei being played so i wanted to make a deck for it. As i later realized there is not a lot of love for PSI games, but oh well:)


Plan A :

Score at least one House of Knives using Shipment from Tennin or by scoring it early behind some ice, witch is usually easy to do. After that set up a Chetana / Marcus Batty combo. At that point if you win 2 psi games in a row the runner will be left with no cards in hand so you can kill them with HoK counter.

To win a psi game 2 times in a row statisticly happends around 45% of the time, but i do believe that by playing a lot of PSI games, you will get a bit better at it.

Because you are relying on luck you want to play this 'coin toss' game as often as possible, since you only need to win it once! :) For that reason There is an Archived Memories , Preemptive Action and Localized Product Line to cycle through as many Battys as possible.

Upayoga is other servers Chetana extension, so once you get your first Chetana and some Upayogas (or more Chetanas) on board and Battys, playing the 'coin toss' is inevetable.

However damage prevention can put a stop to it. In that case


Plan B:

Use Aggressive Secretary and Tithonium / Batty combo to get rid of runners programs. Sometimes it will make a scoring window, sometimes it will win you the game, sometimes it will do nothing more than make the runner spend a clone chip.


Plan C:(

Put a 5/3 NA agenda on defended server probably making the runner think its another Batty and hope to use 2 times Shipment from Tennin.


Ice Suite:

One of the greatest strengths of this deck. PSI ice is very cheap to res but not so cheap to break, and if the runner does not break the subs we have the choice to play for effect or to get credits by spending 0 at PSI games (happens a lot with Aiki).

Tithonium is our strongest ice. Combos great with Batty, and in pinch we can res it by forfeiting an agenda which we are offten able to do. Also it can be a nasty surprise if the runner is not prepared, since a troubling sentry is more to be expected from a Jinteki ID than a barrier.


So that's it, have fun and GOOD LUCK;)