Full Restore (Crit Hit GNK 1st)

CritHitd20 3784

Otherwise known as "Still Undefeated Against Non-World Champs". I took the deck that got 2nd at Swiss in Germany, cut every cute interaction, and now the deck is filled with lots of beautiful 3x.

The deck leans hard on the versatility and power of the Mirrormorph ID. Most turns the goal is to install one card a turn, and you can also use the ability for scoring a 5/3 with MCAAP one turn early or for the Restore Bass Vitruvius trick. The other rockstar is Restore, which in this deck really helps you trigger Mirrormorph reliably and keeps threats constant. Restore is economy, a win condition, FA, recovery against Hippo, tech against Ddos, and responsiveness against Stargate.

The deck runs very rich, sometimes moreso than ETF, so I'm considering adding some defensive upgrades over the Biotic and Bass FA. Given how slow I tend to play the deck I think that will be stronger.

26 Jan 2020 lazychef13

i really like your changes. It is pretty close to what i changed my list to as well. I asked Pinsel to have a look on it and now it runs even smother with all the 3x.

26 Jan 2020 CritHitd20

I love your list obviously, so I'm glad we went in similar directions. I still like the 1x Bass since it's so low consequence to include, but I"m not digging the Biotic. Thinking about 1-2x Ash maybe, also thinking about turning the Sales Team into a second Ikawah since the payoff of CST is so low and the corp is almost always stealing a 5/3 anyways.

26 Jan 2020 5N00P1

What I always wonder about is, why not play more then one Bass CH1R180G4 when it's so good? Risk is it might be trashed from R&D. Always wanted to try Project Vacheron in a Jinja build.

26 Jan 2020 CritHitd20

You actually want the Bass in Archives. Once it is there you can play Restore on Bass, click Bass, install PV to trigger Mirrormorph, and score. Basically your restores turn into Biotics once Bass is in Archives. From HQ Bass is worse than Biotic, which is why I have the split between them; I had 2 Bass in testing and the second copy felt useless.

26 Jan 2020 5N00P1

But you might never see your 1x Bass!

26 Jan 2020 CritHitd20

This is true but you do not need Bass to win. Its inclusion opens a line of play but drawing duplicates is a complete brick. If you really like Bass I'd suggest maybe 1x Tech Startup as well since that does something if you've drawn a Bass already but I do think that the slot is better suited to something defensive like CVS or Ash.

2 Feb 2020 CelestialSpark

I do not understand this interaction with Bass + Restore you're speaking of here. Restore + click Bass is click neutral. You can then install Virtruvius, advance it with Mirrormorph, and advance it again with your fourth click. And then it's stuck there with two advancements.

2 Feb 2020 CelestialSpark

Never mind, I'm dumb, Bass gives you a five click turn, not four.

2 Feb 2020 tonybluehose

Side note--I never really looked at the art on Restore this moment. It's really good. So that's also a bonus for you have 3x in your deck.

5 Feb 2020 IonFox

One defensive upgrade I have greatly enjoyed in MM decks with Border Control/Restore is Mason Bellamy. Runner goes down to 0 clicks and gets booted by a BC, only to have it restored at your convenience.

5 Feb 2020 CritHitd20

I've been trying 1x Bellamy and I think it is good, probably better than Cold Site in most matchups. Unsure it is better in multiples or is better than Ash.